A type of person which is known to have more then a handful of computer knowledge. This term can be used as an insult for people with a horrible choice of haircut or balding. This term can be also used in the field in which the opposite persona has a bad personality or more or less acts like a total fucking asshole.
Stacy is such a Seman
Marko has the worst Seman !
by gurdii February 22, 2021
Being of the semen nature.
John spilled so much of his semanic fluid all over Tracy's face that she looked like a glazed donut.
by Penis McNuts August 23, 2010
Seman on a peice of clothing or towel that has dried up and is now crusted on to said objects.
I just found an old sock that is covered in petrified seman.
by Contazz March 6, 2010
When you masturbate and blow your load on your hand and slap the that bitch next to you with the same hand getting it all over her face.
After having a one night stand with some dirty butt. I seman slapped her the next morning to show her who the boss was.
by Dr. Funkdaddyfunk August 7, 2012
blonde and brunette non-related that act the same OR porn twins..
by Rain and Juanita July 28, 2008
when i guy eats hot tamales proir to sex then ejaculates and his seman is severly spicy and the female and male then exchanges the seman between mouths until tht salivia waters it down.
Dude. That seman firefighter was wayy too spicy until we watered it down!
by Joanna Arbaugh April 4, 2008