A girl who is easy to score with, usually due to intoxication.
I heard she's an easy kill when she's drunk.
by Professor Bro July 27, 2009
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Some one who has been slain with ease. Mostly used in video games. Also meaning some one that is no challange.
FAT-JOKER was slain by oXoYaWnoXo.
oXoYaWnoXo: Easy playa kill.
FAT-JOKER: i wish girls would judge me on our D2 skills.
oXoYaWnoXo: Wow, easy playa kill in real life.
by AeRo-oWs January 12, 2006
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Meaning Some One That Has Been Killed Easy. Also Meaning Some 1 That You Have Owned. Mostly Used In DIABLO II.
FAT-JOKER was slain by AeRo-oWs.
AeRo-oWs: Easy Player Kill.
FAT-JOKER has left the game.
by AeRo-oWs January 10, 2006
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