Yo, don't point that jammie at me.
by Bigup May 22, 2005
A gun. Jam with harm.
Them boys whooped out they jammies and poped caps in all they asses.
by J X 2 June 4, 2005
1.used to describe something you don't know the proper name or word for.
2.used to replace the proper name or word for something.
3.verbal shorthand for any object.
1. You know, that jammie that is attached to the ...
2. Can you grab me that jammie over there?
3. Check out this little jammie I picked up.
by Gran Hota October 25, 2007
A term used within the drug world to mean an especially thick line of drugs that are about to be snorted. Usually used in exclamation, by addicts who would be especially pleased or excited by this due to their dependence on drugs.

Commonly said by drug users in New York, and some of the Northeastern United States.
"I was worried because this pill looked so small, but when I crushed it up, it broke out into a huge jammie!", "I'm done using coke for the night after this line, so let's make it a jammie!", " I'm so twisted because I just railed a mad brolick jammie!"
by speee January 3, 2015
an okay looking person, usually okay hair. ur typical playboy. claims that he/she can get a girl/boy within 3 sec. usually a real jerky ass bish face. usually a boy, ( could be a girl ). has lots of friends cuz they don't know the real jammie. can be a good person, once in a bluemoon
girl: oohoohooho look at that new transfer student
girl2: oh puHleasE. that is such a jAmmie, dont even think about it sweetie
by annaoup August 5, 2019
In British English slang, particularly of north-west England this means 'lucky' or more accurately 'flukey'. It is usually applied to someone else who has just had a particular piece of outrageous or undeserved luck.

It is typically used with this meaning by young men and schoolboys throughout the north-west of England, not just Liverpool and Merseyside, but also Cheshire, etc. However, the usage can occur in other regions of England as well. It has been used to have this meaning throughout most of the period since at least the end of World War Two.
1. "Rooney fluffed the kick and then the ball ricocheted off the back of the defender's head into the net! The jammy bastard!"

2. Dave: "Hey, Gaz, you was late to class for the third time in a row, innit, how come you don't have detention?

Gaz: "Strickland was, like, too busy chewin' out some other sap and didn't notice, so I got away with it!"

Dave: "You jammy cunt!"
by Shakespeare's Plumber October 11, 2010
Jammies (N) // (Jam•ees) - An informal term, often used flirtatiously. Not to be confused with pajamas, pjs, or nightwear. Oftened the result of a rejection to a FaceTime call.
“Were you afraid I was going to see you in your jammies 😋”
by Mark S. Jammies Esquire March 20, 2019