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Jakell is a sweet girl with a very big heart. She has a beautiful smile and makes everyones day better. She loves to laugh and is very funny. Jakells usually have brown eyes. Everyone wants to be friends with a Jakell. Everyone likes her and if they dont its cause they envy her or are jealous. Shes a big lover and a amazing girlfriend. She cares about her family and friends. If u meet a jakell hang on to her!
by HelloHi0584 April 01, 2018
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Loyal Man with a big penis and cares for his lady and his family
That Jakell is amazing
by Hdydhdhxhxbx November 25, 2018
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Jakell is a grown ass man who is loyal and can get any bitch he wants. Jakell doesn’t fuck with faggots and he wants all the static. Jakell’s typically have big dicks and like to pipe down skinny girls. They also make good boyfriends.
Jakell is a great guy
by John bean2243 November 27, 2018
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