This term is used in describing persons from Auckland the main city in New Zealand,

It basicly means Just Another Faggot Fucking Aucklander,

the use of this trend is popular outside of Auckland and is commanly used when describing an aucklander.

Fuck look at that jaffa...buying a coffee,

typical jaffa

drinks like a jaffa to

fucking jaffas
by James the Jaffa October 22, 2008
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jaffa: a servent to the goa'uld on the sci-fi series, stargate sg-1 and in the movies, stargate the ark of truth and stargate continuum. they have a symbol on their heads representing their gods, and they have infant goa'ulds in their stomachs with an opening, when the infant goa'uld grows up, it will go into a human host, and the jaffa will need a new symbiote or die. but the sgc found a cure call tretonin in the episode "cure" that was maid out off symbiotes and gave people short lives. with help from the tok'ra the scg developed a better tretonin that rid the jaffa of symbiotes.
that guy over there is a jaffa
by alyjohn April 21, 2009
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Jaffas is the registered trademark for a small round sweet consisting of a soft chocolate centre with a hard covering of orange flavoured and coloured candy. The name derives from the colour of oranges from Jaffa, Israel. Jaffas have often been sold in movie theatres and have gained iconic status because of the noise made when they are dropped (accidentally or deliberately) and rolled down sloping wooden floors. Through association with this candy, Jaffa is sometimes used to describe a chocolate-orange flavour. In Dunedin New Zealand every year 20,000 Jaffas are raced down Bawldrin Street the World's Steepest Street.
I like to eat Jaffas.
by James.Hall July 26, 2007
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In Northern Ireland the populus is divided into protestants and catholics. Used by catholics especially in the north west region of Northern Ireland to define a person of a protestant background.

Comes from the brand name 'Jaffa' which was a company that supplied oranges in Ireland.
Hence; King William of Orange from holland was a protestant who's army defeated king James's of england who was catholic at the 'Battle of the Boyne', Ireland 1690.

The national color of Holland is orange and traditional marches that commerate the historic battle are called orange parades, the marchers wear an orange sash in memory of their historic Dutch king.
"You fucking jaffa bastard, fuck off".
by happygravedigger July 31, 2009
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A descriptive word to define Simon J Cartwright
Simon, hes a complete jaffa - no spunk in his trunk
by xx-xxxx April 17, 2014
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In British slang it means someone that has a low sperm count. Jaffa is an orange that is seedless (hence the name)

Also in Britain Jaffa Cakes are a type of biscuit/cake that are chocolate covered with a fruit inside

In British slang it can also mean someone with red hair
Bill: Can you have kids?
Terry: Nah, I'm a Jaffa
Bill: What do you mean?
Terry: I'm seedless


Bill: I'm hungry
Terry: Want some Jaffa cakes?


Bill: You are a prat
Terry: Well you're a jaffa head
Bill: Don't make fun of gingers!
by CupOfTeaz October 05, 2009
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Warrior, protector of the system lords regarded as God's in ancient Egypt. Better known from the movie Stargate.
Jaffa protect Ra.
by Ole Scholar February 05, 2017
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