When you cum without anyone or anything touching your dick
Her pussy was so good that I came hands off
by DaMan10036 October 17, 2016
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When you are interested in someone or perphaps even dating them and all of a sudden they give your number to one of their freinds. This is the ultimate slap in the face. It's like saying "hey I tried he/she out and didn't like them, but maybe you should try it out or atleast take one for the team.
I can't believe he gave me the hand off. What a tool bag! he could atleast hand me off to someone hot.
by get it wright October 17, 2011
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Also known as the pass off.

At a party, you enter in a conversation with a friend and either a monet or other cool-from-afar type of person, usually long-winded, a close talker, or other party foul-esque character . When your friend makes a hasty retreat, leaving you alone with the third party to talk your ear off, he or she has been handed off.
N: You totally pulled a hand off with that asshole back there, you dick!

L: Sorry dude, he wouldn't stop talking about his new rice cooker; I thought you'd be better suited to deal with it!
by Norma R November 23, 2006
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Hands off the merchandise!

A protest/order uttered by one of either gender when someone else (usually of the opposite gender) wants to indulge in a little touchy-feely, but he’s not in the mood.
Weary girl (pushing her guy's "exploring" hand away from her boobs): Hey! Hands off the merchandise! I wanna go to sleep now!
by QuacksO November 28, 2011
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Basically "Don't touch my stuff, punk."

Person A: Dude, awesome iPod!! (reaches for iPod)

Person B: Hey buddy, hands off the merchandise!
by underdawg November 11, 2006
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an idea where a friend or a sibling cannot fiddle with the girl that you desire
he applied the hands off policy when they were together
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Hand off = Give me
Some bread = Your money

Give Me Your Money!

Hand off Some Bread!

A Gangsta ass way to say “give me your money” when you rob someone.
Gangsta: Ight , y’all BEST HAND OFF some BREAD, (Proceeds to point Hi Point)

Normie White Boy: G-god help me!!

Gangsta: Give me your GODDAMN MONEY cracka!
by Ugly Sounds July 3, 2019
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