One whose ancestors made carts for a living. Cannot remember shit when half asleep. But if you need someone to listen to 45 minutes or more,over the phone, without speaking, find one of these.
Also a music prescriber.
"Wait I did that? I must of had a Cartwright moment."

I can't fall asleep. I'll call a Cartwright.

I need some music to listen to. I'm gonna Cartwright it up.
by lovenlivemusic2 April 4, 2011
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An elderly man who tries to screw young women 29 and younger. Usally having to settle for porn to jack off to because no woman will ever really want him. He broadcast on vaughnlive and will mod anyone just to get them to stay for his show.
"Gale Cartwright? Didn't he die? Oh well."
by OGTroll June 10, 2013
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Andy: I’ve shagged so many birds this week, must be about 25 of then

Tyler: oh fuck off you Jay Cartwight
When someone chats so much shit, they’re called a jay Cartwright
by Chat shit November 4, 2018
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The Canadian baseball team that railed Dean Winchester.
Cas: „What did you do with the Cartwright twins?“
Dean: :o
by chooo22 February 19, 2021
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Cartwright Move

(Pronounced: Kart-Right Moo-Va)


Describes A Cretinous Act of Immaturity and Arrogance while at the same time being the poster child for what they’re complaining about
“yeah this fuckhead I know had rear bags in his car and when he got bullied he got rid of them and acted like he never had them and then proceeded to talk mad shit on all bags”

“What a fucken Cartwright move
by mainmin December 1, 2021
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a man with copper-colored hair, equivalent to a red head. A total ginger who can often be found staring at himself in the mirror, despite his poor mario kart 64 skills.
"Damn you play mario kart like a Bob Cartwright! Typical ginger..."
by notbob7 November 4, 2011
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