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1.When someone is drunk outta they mind.
2.On the path of becoming wasted.
When Laura got out of the party she was Jackied.
by Lajacks March 07, 2007
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To be carried, dissed, housed,etc in front of a group of people which makes the person stop and feel embarrassed....
"I wuznt even talkin to you Duane, so mind ya business." Wow, Duane just got Jackie'd!
by Jaylee1 March 21, 2009
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The act of doing useless procedures to an extreme and unnecessary extent, taking as much time and effort as possible while wasting other's.
Person 1: Hey, is Todd almost done with his customer?
Person 2: He should be, but he's Jackied the information and answered questions that were never answered.
by McNuggetz January 26, 2018
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When someone steals your pictures, posts them on the internet and catfishes unsuspecting Women.
When an short, fat, unemployed white chick pretends to be a tall, dark, handsome, wealthy business owner, uses pictures they got off the internet to trick you into thinking they are something they are not, you've been Jackied.
by CatFishCatcher April 22, 2016
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