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A combination of the words jackass and douchebag. Normally used when a person (or persons) display characteristics of both afore mentioned words...

In other words, a stuck up person (commonly referred to as an asshole) who does stupid things to get attention
Did you just see what that jackbag did? He dry-fired that brand new compund bow trying to show off for his girlfriend...
by Warlock Witt September 16, 2003
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Noun; A cross between jackass, from Old English and the German word for jerk, douchebag . Can also be used as an adjective to describe a dick move.
In response to a stupid act, Matt asked, "Why are you acting like such a #@$&%ing jackbag?"

"Altman, I can't believe you did that in that bathroom, that was a real jackbag move of you!"
by G. Kahn March 31, 2008
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1. n
Simply, a bag or rag or magazine or anything container outside a bathroom that you shoot your load into when your done jacking off.

2. adj
term used to describe someone who's only worth is being there to absorb your masturbation
1. I'm using this plastic bag as a jack bag

2. "Alright, jack bag, you don't have to yell"
by Jack MeHoff January 14, 2004
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n-Jack bag-a military issued sleeping bag that deployed soldiers sleep in and masturbate in before going to sleep at night thinking about their bitch back home or due to the absence of woman. THis sleeping bag can become very foul throughout the course of a deployment. So be weary next time you shop for a used sleeping bag at the Army surplus store.
Friend #1: "Hey if we are going camping I need to borrow a sleeping bag"

Friend #2: "Yeah I have one you can borrow. I slept in this one when I was deployed to Afghanistan"

Friend #1: "FUCK NO!!!! I aint sleepin' in no Jack bag}!!!!"
by Nasty Loogy June 13, 2007
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(Noun)The virtual location in the cerebral cortex in which a masturbator solicits their historical fantasies to initiate and sustain the human orgasmic process to completion. The capacity of the jackbag is correlated to sexual experiences and history of the owner. Items may be subtracted as more prominent, more pleasureable events are placed there.
1. Joe had it hot with Sally.
Now on his own, he reaches into his "jackbag" to revisit his memories with her to begin his self-love. Joe has moved Betty and Trixie out of his "jackbag" to make room for Sally.
2. I couldn't sleep last night so I reached deep into my "jackbag" and had a splooge-fest that knocked me out.
by rburban November 12, 2008
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n. A term formed from the better sections of the terms "jack-off" and "douche-bag". Refers to a person who generally exhibits the traits of above terms, usually at abnormally high levels.
"Hey jack-bag, for the last god-damn time, get your hands off my sandwich!"
by Buck Stuck February 04, 2004
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One who makes an ass out of them selves or one who doesn't care to make a valid impression but chooses to degrade one's own character.
Kanye West's behavior at the VMA Awards is the epitome of jackbag behavior
by OpusDJ September 22, 2009
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