Pronounced (TRICK - SEE)

seeBrings happiness and Joy. A very rare name for a very unique but special personality. She is quirky, hilarious and bubbly and is very good friend to have!
“ Are you friends with that Trixie girl, I heard she’s bare funny”

Yh I was with her yesterday, Trixie is the funniest person ever no fucking cap!”
by hot girl summer bitch xx August 6, 2019
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Trixie (n): A Bitch but not yours. A Hell raisin', mouth bustin', mud boggin' Chevy driving BAD BITCH. A loud talking, take no shit, country girl. She is LOYAL, LOVING, AND KIND. A Legit legendary badass. An Outlaw Woman. My Ride or Die My Trixie.
Kuuiitt. Trixie is one tough bitch.
by trixie671 February 13, 2018
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A Trixie is a very genuine, rare, intense, really smart, fun and beautiful girl. She is one for keeps. She is almost dream-like. If you happen to find a Trixie, keep her. She is the best to be around with. Being with her makes one feel all kinds of bright and sad and pure— that makes life even more thrilling and worth living. She is truly one of a kind. She is very strong very independent but sometimes she feels a lot too. When she loves, she loves hard. She is great with everyone. She can get along with people very well. Everyone can either really like her or really hate her. She is the best friend/ best girlfriend anyone can have. She is Queen she is King. She is THE DREAM.
“Trixie? dude.. she’s it. You gotta keep her”
by urbandictionarymuseno.2 November 23, 2021
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A beautiful person, Trixie is awesome, funny and quick witted. Always fast to snap back before her friends do it
Hey, you know my best friend Trixie?
Yeah? She’s so amazing!
by C0nf3tt1 SpR1nk13S July 15, 2022
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A trixie is a cute fluffy TibetanTerrier she is my cute puppy and I think the world if her I think all trixie should be like her

cute,friendly,kind,and energetic
❤️ Love ya trixie xx
Omg is that trixie

Yeah how did you know?
She's adorable I can tell ❤️ ❤️
by Abcdefghijklomnpqrstuvwxyz October 22, 2018
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"Trixie? Yeah I boinked her."

"Trixie ish mah gewlfwend"
by Twixie July 11, 2008
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A straight woman who has sexual relations with a a masculine gay man/homo.

"Trixie" derives from "trick' as a term for the person who patronizes a prostitute.

"Trixie" assumes that the straight woman is looking for immediate sex without any relationship.
Trixie hooked up with that homo the other night at the other bar for a little hotel no-tell action.

Trixie doesn't like it when they stay all night.

Trixie needs a tool.
by postemotional December 9, 2010
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