Half assed or unprofessional. Not authorised or done while drunk. Someone who does a jack-leg job is called a jack
Look at that jack-leg job he did fixing the washing machine. The pipes aren't even screwed in all the way.
by Daniel b July 4, 2005
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someone who lacks knowledge or ability to do things properly.
The Cooker: "Hey did you ever use Uncle Freddie as a lawyer?"
Pete Dick: "yeah, and he is a real jack leg, find somebody else!"
by Pete Dick July 6, 2008
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A total, complete doofus who just can't seem to get anything right, ever. Can also be used to refer to an animal, such as a dog, who acts totally off-the-wall, unpredictable and sometimes anti-social.
That goddam black catahoula just went after my neighbor's friendly dog. She can be such a jack-a-leg sometimes.
by superaynumerouno July 13, 2009
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A person that you don't know their name and do not like and that's what you call them when communicating or talking about a person that you get dislike.

This term came about working on a construction site when it's hard to remember everyone that you meet and want to talk bad about somebody.
1.) Hey Jack leg move out of the way.
2.) What do you think about that Jack leg over there.
by hoguiebear September 30, 2022
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It's when you feel at worse for a jet lag.
Hey Roberto, did you come back from NYC?, are you having some jet lag?
OH no Aldo, I'm actually experiencing a JACK LEG. That's how tired I am
by Kingaldo November 15, 2017
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