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Half assed or unprofessional. Not authorised or done while drunk. Someone who does a jack-leg job is called a jack
Look at that jack-leg job he did fixing the washing machine. The pipes aren't even screwed in all the way.
by Daniel b July 03, 2005
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someone who lacks knowledge or ability to do things properly.
The Cooker: "Hey did you ever use Uncle Freddie as a lawyer?"
Pete Dick: "yeah, and he is a real jack leg, find somebody else!"
by Pete Dick July 05, 2008
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Adjective, noun: The polar opposite of offdahook. A person or thing of low quality. A very unprofessional individual.
MojoMan, after sniffing some bunk weed: "Man, what the fuck is this jackleg shit?"
by stashgordon May 11, 2003
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A mildly annoying or incompetent individual; not quite a jackass.
Hey jackleg, that's MY beer!
by Troupster July 10, 2003
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Someone who's just a dummy; a bit of a jackass, one level short of being a TOTAL jackass.
This guy asks who's running for president, I tell him 'Watch the news, jackleg!!'
by 000 October 20, 2004
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A term used to describe a loved one when they are being a jackass
Your brother snags the chicken leg right off your plate after realizing it's the last piece.

You lovingly reply, "You Jackleg!", then kick him under the table
by contraryvirgin February 02, 2010
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