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Beautiful hottie at the strip club agrees to a table dance for you, proceeds to strip down either to total nude or just with butt floss on, bends over, grabs her ankles, moves up to where she can surround your nose/mouth area with her glorious butt cheeks, and proceeds to jiggy them back and forth while you inhale/exhale rapidly! A most pleasureable, tasty, sweet-smelling experience most of the time.
Damn dude, that hot wench over there just gave me a million dollar reverse brumsky but she had a couple of stray dingleberries up there in her nether region!!
by superaynumerouno July 13, 2009

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An expert on all the many variations of great, fresh coffee especially of the organic type.
First dude: Wow, that beautiful blonde hottie over there just gave me a fantastic recommendation for an organic coffee from Costa Rica.
Second dude: Oh you mean Alexa....yeah, she graduated Magna Cum Latte recently from the UC- Boulder!
by superaynumerouno August 06, 2009

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A total, complete doofus who just can't seem to get anything right, ever. Can also be used to refer to an animal, such as a dog, who acts totally off-the-wall, unpredictable and sometimes anti-social.
That goddam black catahoula just went after my neighbor's friendly dog. She can be such a jack-a-leg sometimes.
by superaynumerouno July 13, 2009

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When you place a call on your cell phone and you get the annoying recording saying that "the person you are trying to reach is unavailable at this time, please try your call again later" and then the phone disconnects. Millions of morons are twittering, twattering, texting, sexting, calling, watching videos and otherwise tying up valuable bandwidth so your most important call can't go through.
Dude one- Damn I am trying to reach my babe and all I keep getting is this stupid recording saying to try the call again later.
Dude two- Sounds like you fell off the bandwidth, man.
by superaynumerouno December 23, 2009

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That undefinable, yet immediately recognizeable, smell of wet pussy.
Blind man walks into the fish market and says "good morning girls." "Why does it smell like unprocessed fish sticks in here?"
by superaynumerouno July 09, 2009

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