The combination of an unsuited Jack and Two as starting cards in Texas Hold 'em.
Wow, you just dealt me Jack Shit.. Literally..
by El Holandés Rojo October 26, 2010
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This term is used to describe someone who thinks they know everything yet are often wrong. They will argue and lie to be right. Often get louder when challenged. It can also be said they have shit for brains. Often offer unnecessary information just to have something to say.
Said to someone who is the offender."You know Jack shit about everything shit for brains".
by Lordsmith October 26, 2010
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Poker term:

1) Traditionally refers to drawing Jack-Deuce as your starting hand, ie. "Jack-Shit"; a bad hand. Although may sometimes be extended to refer to a combination of a Jack with any low value card 2-7, typically.

2) Jack-Shit Poker - A variation on the familiar Seven-Deuce Hold'em. A pre-arranged additional reward is owed by one's opponents if he wins a hand with Jack-Deuce as his hole cards.
Player X: You had a straight?

Player Y: Nah, I had Jack Shit!
by Chuck_1804 September 24, 2010
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Term used to describe the act of spanking the monkey while taking a dump.
I got really bored yesterday, so I did a Jack Shit in the bathroom
by the dirty liberal November 28, 2009
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When you is Jack and you pour hydrofluoric acid down your toilet to fix a clog and shit comes spraying back up in your face giving you acid burns that need medical attention.
Bob didn’t know jack shit could happen until he woke up the next day in the hospital smelling like burnt crap.
by Buttersrules February 5, 2021
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"He knows absolutely the square root of jack shit about food and cooking."
- James May, Former presenter of Top Gear UK, on Richard Hammond.
by January 19, 2016
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