The act of shitting in one's hand, and then masturbating with it. (The lonely mans gay sex)
Dude, what took you so long in the shower? ......ah did a good shit jack!
by Nightbiker07 December 6, 2008
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When u masterbate while taking a crap

Aimed towards boys
Friend: Aye bro what u doing in the bathroom
You: I'm doing a "jack 'n shit"
Friend: better use a Kleenex
by Barkeisha December 27, 2016
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F*ked up beyond all recognition...
Totally messed up and looks like shit.
Ex: "Look at that methhead he is totally shit jacked!"
"Hey look at that girl I almost didn’t recognize her, it’s Tiffany. Meth has her all shit jacked"
by BearJew70 January 12, 2018
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To be beaten severely about the head, face, body etc. i.e. "Jack up" from
being jacked up combined with shit box
"I will Jack Up Your Shit Box!"

"Tony landed one punch on that guy and really "jacked up his shit box"
by Morbog September 27, 2004
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Slang: vulgar (British, used exclusively by the Jackson clan)

Nothing at all.
Affronted person: What's wrong with you?
Felicity: Jack(son) shit!
by A-concerned-citizen April 27, 2021
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House chores and that kinda shitb
I'm tired of my husband asking me to do jack shit when I was pregnant
by Avril1989 June 20, 2018
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