Total nonsense. A fit of rambling which resembles a civilized language but in fact is meant only to obfuscate meaning or confuse the victim, or "listener." Directly taken from the story "Alice Through the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carrol.
The officer spouted some sort of jabberwocky about why I'm not supposed to be outside in my underwear.
by Candall October 9, 2003
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adj. 1. like the Jabberwock. 2. ridiculous, impossible, or nonsensical; quixotic.

Unfortunately, Tim Burton's 2010 film "Alice in Wonderland" has perpetuated the misconception that "jabberwocky" is a noun. It is not. The poem exclusively refers to the creature as the "Jabberwock".
Christopher Lee, the actor who plays the Jabberwock in Tim Burton's film, is somewhat jabberwocky in appearance himself, if you ask me.
by tangles10 April 26, 2010
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So in the begining the author tells u the setting of the scene. (Brillig means about lunch time) Then the father of this boy tells him to look out for the monsters in the forest. So the boy goes out into the forest with a sword. Then after a while he leans on a tree for a rest and suddenly the jabberwock monster comes creeping through the woods, growling. The boy gets out his sword and cuts the jabberwocks head off. He brings it to his dad and his dad's all happy and congratulating his son. The author repeats the first lines.
"Beware the Jabberwock my son. The jaws that bite. The claws that catch. Beware the jub jub bird and shun the frumiest bander snetch."
by Lipuma June 6, 2005
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a charecter from alice in wonder land.
if you read the origonal books he is a monster in it.
by zxen June 25, 2005
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Made up phrases and words that are not part of the english dictionary, and never will be! D:< Muahahah! e.g. - The screvdiddly florted to the hanglibop. vs. The elephant shouted to the kangaroo.
"Why does this youngster only speak jabberwocky?!?!"
"Grandfather, that's because he's a baby."
by kmewzaz March 21, 2008
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1.) Some weird shit, man!

2.) What I use to scare children
1.) Dave, Dave! I saw some jabberwocky listnight on Lifetime!!

2.) Now Shelly, if you don't go to bed i'm going to get the Jabberwocky to peel your flesh off piece-by-piece. Or i'll just tell your mum.
by Josephine April 24, 2005
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a book by Caroll, also mentioned in Alice & The Looking Glass
I read that book Jabberwocky last night, that shit was totally confusing.
by Clarissa Dickey August 30, 2006
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