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A hick, redneck, etc. Commonly referred to Niko by Vlad in GTA4.
Vlad: You remember Ivan?
Niko: No.
Vlad: (shows picture) This guy.
Niko: Oh, yes. You guys had a little kiss.
Vlad: Very funny. What would you see if I told he was going to rob your cousin?
Niko: I'd say: 'What problem does he got with my cousin?'
Vlad: (phone rings) Hold on.
(answers phone)
Vlad: Hey. Hey, gorgeous, no. I can't talk right now. What are you wearing? Listen, I'll call you back.
(to Niko)
Vlad: Sorry.
Niko: Who was that?
Vlad: Never you mind.
Niko: Was it Ivan?
Vlad: Oh, that's funny. You know, for a damn yokel you're a very funny guy.
Niko: (laughing) Yes. And for an annoying dick, you're really an annoying dick.
Vlad: Well, it is a shame then that I am the guy with the powerful friends, and you are the little punk who's only friend is a fat weasel who drives a fucking cab!
by kmewzaz June 17, 2008

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Little kid
Person 1: *laughing hysterically while playing xbox*

Person 2: *blinks*
Person 1: It's attack of the little kids!
Person 2: Oh you mean the LK's.
Person 1: Yep! AHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!!!
by kmewzaz June 13, 2009

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Made up phrases and words that are not part of the english dictionary, and never will be! D:< Muahahah! e.g. - The screvdiddly florted to the hanglibop. vs. The elephant shouted to the kangaroo.
"Why does this youngster only speak jabberwocky?!?!"
"Grandfather, that's because he's a baby."
by kmewzaz March 21, 2008

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