The act of under estimating something about someone or the act of making a person feel inferior to ur to your list of skills
You are undermining my knowledge bro
by La SAPE August 18, 2019
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"...we are not going to undermine our community by creating or promoting alternative services..."
by JacobMS June 7, 2012
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A person that will intentionally sabotage someone else through any means necessary.
He stole from me after I tried to help him, so I undermined him by making sure every business in the area knows that he is a shoplifter.

I am an underminer.
by Thingsda October 21, 2019
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A reference that blacks use to describe a certain location
"Damn cuz, there is this sexy bitch that lives in the apartment undermine."
by Cwick21 February 26, 2008
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A person who cockblocks a person with a vagina
I wanted to get with Nick so bad last night but Jennifer was being such a vagina underminer
by NocklasKongo March 6, 2021
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someone who picks their nose and their butt at the same time
You know that one kid in our 2nd period? well he's an underminer.
by Freyasoupy January 21, 2021
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