A very tall guy when he grows up and sexy-handsome rich guy.Very funny,likes cool-aid and watermelon.Attractive to every female on this planet,even the not so good looking ones.He is incredibly smart.A very hot guy usually nice and very funny.
by Jacob Rolle October 30, 2013
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A guy who is a good athlete. The guy who no one likes until he proves then wrong with his geneticly gifted athletic ability. Very smart. Loves fried chicken and watermelon. Lives his dad dearley. Loves his mother to death.
I think Izayah will make it to the nba soon
by THExKINGxTEAM October 18, 2016
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Izayah. His a man of his words. Has a massive dick, His the best guy I ever slept with in bed. His really handsome. One of the best pussy eaters out. Treats a woman how they deserve to be treated. He loves contact and running sports and is a woman attraction. He can get any gurl he wants but often sticks and proves his loyalty to his chosen love.
Massive dick means izayahs huge sausage
by Chixs July 6, 2019
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An intelligent and considerably handsome person. He has a harem at school and is shy not because he wants to but because he has such a massive dick that it's all he ever talks about. He may be an ass to some... But loves his friends and family to death. A very good listener that responds in a calming manner. Has it been mentioned that he loves Fried Chicken?
Izayah is one of the sexiest half-black males alive.
by Anally-beaded cat April 5, 2018
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He’s a very nice guy. Has very nice hair and Has good grades. He’s like to eat almost all fruits and procrastinated a lot. He likes his girlfriend to be pretty and loyal.
Yo that’s Izayah tell him to come over here.”
by Sarah Jada March 26, 2019
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The new modern way to spell Isaiah.
Izayah Daehnzer
by abcwithwork November 18, 2009
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Izayah can be a nice guy but he is pretty fake at times also. Will tell you how much he's cares over and over. Izayah will tell you his life story as soon as you meet him. You never know if he made something up or not. Izayah's can also be very annoying. He is a guy that doesn't hide his emotions well.
Izayah is so annoying right now
by Urban_gejwnsbs157282 May 18, 2018
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