"I just made a thousand dollars flipping a brick, I'm NBA"
by FREELARRYHOOVER February 9, 2017
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1. National Basketball Association
2. A professional basketball league with 30 franchises in the United States and Canada. It is considered
3. The NBA Enterprise has three leagues. First the NBA, which has the top professional male players in the league; second the WNBA which is a women's version of the NBA; and the National Developmental Basketball League (NBDL), which is a semi minor league professional men's league.
Kobe Bryant is in the NBA.
by ACL April 16, 2004
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The sport with the wimpiest players on earth. If they stub thier toe they have to be carried out on a strecther. It's also the only sport in which the last 2 minutes can last 2 hours. Gotta love those 200 hundred timeouts that the teams get.
ouch I bit my tongue, get me a wheelchair, quick, so I can be like the NBA
by chances14 May 18, 2007
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1. national basketball association

2. a term young teens are using as “ never broke again “ like the 17 year old rapper nba youngboy .
Hey dude !! did you know dalton is gonna get famous and be nba ??
by the real AB November 24, 2017
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look at all the black people this aint no national league its the negro league!!!11!!ONE!!11
by go away April 25, 2005
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Only the worst professional league there is. The NBA can't compare to the greatness of the NFL or the NHL. The NBA happens to have about the same attendance as the NHL. The only differece between the two rivals is that more people watch the NBA on TV. That's 'cause americans are dumb-shits for wanting to watch niggerball on TV over hockey.
Bubba: Hey dog, did ya see the Lakers game last night?

Mark: Fuck no! Why the fuck would I watch a shitty sport?!

Bubba: Huh? What you say?

Mark: You illiterate fool, I'd rather watch a real sport like hockey than watch that shit-for-brains sport you call basketball.

Bubba: So, what ya sayin' dog?

Mark: What i'm saying is THE NBA SUCKS!
by fuckbasketball69 September 28, 2006
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