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Penis which, when plugged into an appropriate connection, downloads within a few seconds
Bob: "Hi Jackie! Hear you got a shag off Colin last night. How was it?"

Jackie; "Bloody useless. He's got an iCock, so when he put it in he shot off straight away."
by CAMRA man July 01, 2011
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A variety of cleverly so named dildos manufactured by Apple, which come in many colors, shapes and sizes. Not only does it vibrate it can also store and play itunes while masturbating. Earphones sold separately.
Steve Jobs just announced the new iCock today.
by Nonchalant Ego March 25, 2010
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A person who drops all sense of public decency, consideration, and politeness, or pretends that nothing else is going on around him, because he is stuck in his own little world listening to his digital music player.
Ted Kennedy (with his enormous head) was annoyed at the iCock who stood in front of the door of the bus and would not let Ted by because he was listening to the Black Eyed Penises. The iCock would be sorry if Ted was driving the bus and they passed a lake.
by John Heinz Kerry October 06, 2005
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A name given to a socially inept iPhone or other similar smart phone user.
iCocks may typically be found interupting a real conversation to check their iPhone, walking incredibily slowly in the street or fiddling with their iphones side by side in silence.
by JimmyTT January 31, 2011
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King Crimson's debut album, commonly considered to have invented the progressive rock genre.
Person: Do you like King Crimson's ICOCK album?
Another Person: Yeah, it's great. The best song on it is the title track, ICOCK.
by larks_tongues_in_icock June 11, 2010
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