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The "ultimate manipulative phrase" that self-centered/dictatorial people use to try to pressuringly persuade others to acquiesce to their wishes, usually with purely selfish intentions, and often with disastrous results. Alternatively phrased with equally false/deceitful statements such as "Well, I prayed about it, and God told me that this was what you should do" or "Well, if you really love God and are a true Christian, you would do this", it is generally designed merely to guilt-trip someone into performing an unreasonable/dangerous/potentially-injurious action which usually ends up merely benefiting the requester, while laying excessive burden/risk on the reluctant provider.
Teenage daughter: I don't like this man; I don't want to marry him. He's way too old for me, and I have glimpsed his "other side" a few times, and it ain't pretty. I'm too young to think about stuff like that yet, anyway --- I want to enjoy the social dating scene first, and meet lots of nice guys before I choose a permanent spouse.
Parent: Well, your father and I prayed about it, and it's God's will that you marry this man.
Teenage daughter: Yeah, right --- **sure** you did! Just like your other relatives did when THEY got married --- and look what miserable relationships a lot of THEM have now! They're locked into unhappy marriages that they can't get out of because **God** wouldn't approve of a divorce from one of his *sacred unions*!! Nice try, Mom --- no THANKS!
by QuacksO January 22, 2017
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