An argument winner. Sometimes confusing the other person.
Mitch: Shotgun!
Josh: No I have shotgun!
Mitch: I called it first!
Josh: Well, mir!
by TRAUG December 19, 2008
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Mir is literally one of the best people in the world. They always pull through when you’re down and you know that no matter what they’re going to be there. The best thing about them? Literally everything. the smile is extravagant. It’s the type you see and automatically feel like everything’s going to be okay. And oh GOD the NOSE literally so sexy. Like if a marshmallow had a nose it’d be Mir’s nose. The thing about a Mir is that there’s barely any but the ones that exist are the best people in the world. Hugging a Mir can literally change your life.
by Hajaa January 21, 2021
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1.A Russian made space station that crashed and burned to Earth a few years back.
2. a nickname for people with the names; Miranda or Miriam
by Mir July 30, 2004
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Mir... to exspress frustration, be an ice breaker, or even just make someone smile...

pronounced MURRRRR
Sierra-"We have a math test today"
Ally-" GOD DAMNIT... MIR!!!!!"
by Music=EPICWIN November 24, 2010
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is Russian for both Peace and World
Tolstoy's War and Peace is originally Voina i Mir.
Maybe he meant War and World?
by hggetak July 9, 2011
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this girl has all the guys following her she's create and funny and absolutely stunning. she is so confident and knows just what to say. everyone loves mir and thinks she's totally awesome. what a stunner, a wonder, a beauty she stubs people as she walks by with that twinkle in her eye she's can charm men just by looking at them. what a beauty
by awesomegal1334 February 20, 2017
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Really sweet human being,mir will always be there for you no matter what and cares alot about others. Your really lucky if your friends with Mir because she will stay with you till the end. Mir can usally he a Nick name for Miranda . A person who hides there emotions and always finds a way to make you smile.
Kadija: I don't feel well.
Joe: that's okay Mir will help you thru it.
by January 15, 2021
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