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An exclamation of delight or bliss, when in a particular comfortable or cosy environment.
(Following a rigid and exhausting day. Showered and slipping between freshly laundered and warm bedclothes) "Iss-Iss!"
by chris wheelie April 30, 2005
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Vulgar term for the anus, rectum and bowels. Named after the main character's transportation machine in the popular UK Sci-Fi programme "Dr.Who". The 'tardis' held a lot more than it looked from the outside.
The customs officer got ready for another trip into the dung tardis.
by chris wheelie April 28, 2005
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From the mid to late 1970s. When a person has eaten their fill of a meal, their body creates an inner shudder at the thought of a further mouthful.
"Would you care for a wafer-thin mint, Mr. Kreosote?"
"No thanks you, I've just had a spasm, I couldn't eat another thing".
by chris wheelie April 21, 2005
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British origin.
Evolving from the term of abuse bugger, meaning a sodomite or irritating person. To play 'silly buggers' is to generally act the fool, lark about, waste time or generally mess things up. As illustrated by English band The Bus Station Loonies song "Playing Silly Buggers" (1995).
"They were too busy playing silly buggers to get the job completed in time".
by chris wheelie April 25, 2005
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An unfortunate medical condition often leading to the sufferer experiencing a drippy tiddler. Often resulting in having to wear wet pants, which give off acrid steam if too close to a radiator.
Origin: Eck Static and Bloomin' Press of The Filth.
B.P. "I once pissed me pants at school"
Eck: "what was it, Weak Willy? Weak Willy, eh?"
by chris wheelie April 28, 2005
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A childish term for a hideous cherub or picture of a sickly-sweet baby or seraph. The sort that puts you off your meal.
"Yuch! I don't want to eat my sanwdwich in the Cistine Chapel, it's too full of Bibbies".
by chris wheelie April 21, 2005
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Apart from crackers, style or wiggers, this word can also be uttered by disappointed or ungrateful persons. It's a simpler way of saying 'big deal', 'so what?', 'Is that all there is?'.
Deek stared with incredulity at the meal set before him. In the dead centre of a plate, the size of a small coffee table, lay one solitary dod of potato salad.
"Ritz", he rumbled.
by chris wheelie April 30, 2005
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