Probably the best sport around, it is a very competitive and energetic activity.
Originating from Ireland it is now participated in all across the world, the majoirty of competitors coming from the UK, Ireland and America
There are many different organisations for dancers to be members of, probably the most well documented being An Coimisuin and An Comdhail.
Dancers compete in competitions known as feisanna or feises, and they begin at primary/beginner level, before working up to intermidiate then open. At open level they are then elligable to compete in the world championships and other major dance competitions.
Dancer 1: How did you do at the World Irish Dancing championships?
Dancer 2: I placed really high in my reel!
Dancer 1: OMG I'm so jealous
by lucysaurus January 19, 2008
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Irish Dance is an incredibly hard sport that requires an insane amount of physical strength, stamina and technique. Most people don't know what is really is, they hear the name "Irish Dance" and think it is funny and easy and stupid. This is bull, people have no clue what this sport is and how hard it is. In irish dance you need to need to have incredible calf and leg and ab muscles and stamina so you can have good jumps and lifts and can stay on your toes. It is very technical and you need to be foot perfect, you need to use your calf muscles and abs to good lift and stay on ur toes and always have good rythym . If you want to be good, you have to practice and workout every single day. Those hockey boys who say they know what it is and that its easy, they have no idea they couldnt last through 1 second of it. Beyond all the makeup and dresses is THE HARDEST SPORT EVER SO IF YOU HAVENT ACTUALLY SEEN IRISH DANCE OR TRIED IT SHUT YOU DUMBASS MOUTH UP.
Wow irish dance is so cool and hard i never knew what it actually was.
by A irish dancer April 14, 2018
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A sport, yes, sport, that has small competitions call feisanna, regional competitions called Oireachtas, and National competitions, called Nationals. At Oireachtas and Nationals, you can qualify for Worlds, which is every dancer's dream. Also, it includes massive amounts of sparkles and lots and lots of money on dresses made my Gavin and Siopa. Great exercise!
1. I love to Irish Dance!

2. My Oireachtas is coming up, so I need to practice my Irish Dance steps.
by (hopeful) Oireachtas Queen! November 27, 2010
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To empty ones bank account through the wonderful world of mutant sized Shirley Temple wigs, sparkly $3,000 dresses and oh yeah ... some dancing too.
Irish Dance will be the death of me, I'm on my second mortgage because my daughter needed yet another Gavin!
by IDer November 12, 2009
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a competitive sport and art form that is sometimes referred to as a jig or a leperchaun dance. Some think of it as a joke but dancers are serious athletes who train all year round.
Oh you Irish dance? Can you do a "jig" for me?
by idk all of these are taken October 12, 2015
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A wonderful, competitive dance that has two types of shoes you can dance in. There are soft shoes and hard shoes. There are many types of different dances like the reel, jig, slip jig, treble reel, treble jig, hornpipe, and many more set dances.
by Halie March 29, 2006
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