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Probably the best sport around, it is a very competitive and energetic activity.
Originating from Ireland it is now participated in all across the world, the majoirty of competitors coming from the UK, Ireland and America
There are many different organisations for dancers to be members of, probably the most well documented being An Coimisuin and An Comdhail.
Dancers compete in competitions known as feisanna or feises, and they begin at primary/beginner level, before working up to intermidiate then open. At open level they are then elligable to compete in the world championships and other major dance competitions.
Dancer 1: How did you do at the World Irish Dancing championships?
Dancer 2: I placed really high in my reel!
Dancer 1: OMG I'm so jealous
by lucysaurus January 19, 2008
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A wonderful, competitive dance that has two types of shoes you can dance in. There are soft shoes and hard shoes. There are many types of different dances like the reel, jig, slip jig, treble reel, treble jig, hornpipe, and many more set dances.
I love irish dancing, the music is so entergetic!
by Halie March 29, 2006
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Only the best form of dance ever! It's traditional (from ireland) yet competitive. Shows like riverdance, lord of the dance and celtic tiger have made it more popular. Lots of people are usually ignorant to the fact of how hard irish dancers work to get to the top. It takes a lot of practise, determination and skill. There's soft shoes and hardshoes, solo dances and team dances, competitions and concerts. Its basically the best thing ever!
I love Irish Dancing, its better than scottish dancing and more fun than tap and jazz.
by irish_gal September 02, 2008
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A very competitive dance, it requires alot of work to get to the top, it originates from ireland but the phenomina has spread all across the world, only the coolest people do irish dancing!!!
Riverdance, Lord of the dance, Celtic Tiger. A few popular dance shows to name. If you have herd of Micheal Flatley you have proberly herd of Irish Dancing.
by A dancer June 29, 2005
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