1. Known for her golden curls, dimpled smile and bright brown eyes Shirley Temple 1928-2014 (aka Shirley Temple Black) was an American child actress, singer, dancer and US ambassador who appeared in more than 50 motion pictures in her long career as a childstar. She was the number one box office star four years in a row, and is the youngest Oscar winner ever.

2. A type of non alcoholic drink for children typically made with lemon lime soda and grenadine syrup served with a cherry on top.
That kid has real talent, just like Shirley Temple!
by Deter Dan April 11, 2017
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A sexual act when an adult female pretends to be a minor for the purpose of paedophilic sexual fantasy as popularised by the British television show Cracker.
That old perv down the road keeps bringing home prostitutes and has them dress up as little girls. Sure, for now it's just a harmless Shirley Temple, but it's only a matter of time before he goes after the real thing.
by S21 May 25, 2009
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To make a shirley temple, begin by cutting the stem off a strawberry and insert it into the vaginal canal. Top the drink with whipped cream. Proceed to enjoy your beverage by finding and rescuing said strawberry with your tongue.
Deshawn: Yo dawg I was with this chick last night and we was gettin bougey know what I'm sayin
Tyrone: yeaaaahhh man did you give her the shirley temple?
Deshawn: Yessirr
by Jordoyoyo January 30, 2021
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When a person both shits and pisses their pants at the same time or in the same period of time.
Man dude i was so wasted last night i feel like im gonna Shirley Temple all over the place.

That bathroom is nasty someone must've Shirley Templed
by tjo992 August 27, 2009
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A sex-position when a girl stands over a guys chest and has her period on him
Dude, that chick last night had a shirley temple on me, while over my bed; now theres blood stains all over my sheets!!!
by Sharmoot January 7, 2010
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The Shirley Temple is when you take a can of whip cream and squirt it up a girls vagina. When you have put as much whip cream up there as you can put some cherries and sprinkles up there too. For the ultimate orgasm slide a banana up her pussy. Then you eat the girl out making sure to lick her vaginal tube completely clean. If you cant stretch your tongue that far then make her squat over your face so that it will all drip into your mouth.
Lee: Can we please Shirley Temple? I am super hungry and bored.

Pat: Absolutely! Let me stretch so that I can be prepared to squat
by woner 24/7 May 19, 2011
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A famous girl named after an acholoic drink
she was alive and famous in 1936 to 1938
Shirley Temple is kinda like Olivia Pelliteir a slut basicly
by Ovaltine Jenkins July 30, 2008
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