Origin: Derived from the Ethiopian-centered belief system of Rastafarianism incorporated into American English via Jamaica with Patois influences.

Definition: (1) A state of being often, though not necessarily brought on by the consumption of quality marijuana, which is characterized by acute sensory perception, lucid cognition- sometimes in the 3rd person perspective - inspiration, introspection, creativity, deliberation, overstanding, ethereal tranquility, social symbiosis, tingling, the bee's knees, giddiness, fleetness, lightness. (2) The effect brought upon any time any person hears, or otherwise senses a natural mystic blowin' through the air. (3) In slang, the condition of being really, super stoned, like exceedingly baked.
Ex. 1
After visiting Bob Marley's mausoleum in Nine Mile, Jamaica and paying his respects, Ron, a huge, life-long fan of Bob Marley remarked to his tour guide that he felt different than when he went in, to which his guide responded, "Yeah, mon. You's irie, mon. This a special place, here. It make people feel like dat all da time, mon. True."

Ex. 2

At various points along their hike on the Kalalau Trail on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai's rugged, rainforested Na Pali Coast, the hikers felt quite irie, especially so when the rain showers passed, the clouds broke over the Pacific revealing the luminous turquoise sea, and a rainbow emerged, spanning the northern horizon.

Ex. 3
Curiously, Johnny, Billy, and Tommy, all of legal age and in possession of valid state-issued medical marijuana cards, decided they would spend April 20th seeing how much weed they could smoke and in how many different ways. By late-afternoon, remnants of cut up milk jugs, tubing, tin foil, and pizza hut strewn Billy's back yard, and the guys all were laying on their backs in the grass staring at the sky while Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon played for the 4th time, since somebody put "repeat" on and they were all too irie to get up to turn it off.
by ERubble June 25, 2010
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Jamaican pronunciation of the English "ALL RIGHT", which has since morphed into all of the definitions contained herein -and more.
Evertything is irie, mon.
by Nikanotirte February 26, 2009
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adj: to be happy, to be high, most commonly used by jamaicans
"I be feeling kinda irie, mon"
by Nils March 01, 2003
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A beautiful and kind girl who is always happy. Her smile lights up rooms and melts hearts. Her curly hair is gorgeous and she’s a dope ass female to smoke with. An awesome person all around.
Guy: “Hey Irie, wanna smoke?”
Irie: “always!”
by Anonymous 125568900768 April 13, 2019
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Irie means the most caring person in the world. Irie is beautiful, the best friend i can ever have, and the nicest girl to step foot on earth. Although shy, she’s the best person to talk to. An irie is the last person you will ever need to meet.
Is that Irie. She’s the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen
by bdbdbdfvs May 16, 2019
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Irie is a very nice caring, Beautiful, loving, person I know even if she rejects it she still is a heather.
Irie is a heather and you can’t deny it.
by September 23, 2020
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