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short form of "Fucked up beyond all recognition", but also a misunderstandment of the german word "furchtbar", which means horrible or frightening.
"This situation ist Fubar!"

"Das ist furchtbar!"
by Nils May 31, 2004
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F,uked U,p B,eond A,ll R,ecognition
Use the first letter from each word in the message to create the word !
by Nils December 3, 2003
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iffy , dodgy , smelly
sometimes means annything

word orrigonating from , darron from banwell west somerset/avon
phousky bastard
hmmmmmmm abit phouski
dont phousk with my phousk
i promis to phousk the whole phousk
by Nils November 30, 2003
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the word pre dates the dictionarry
modern deffinition tho is getting totaly twatted
my god i got muonted
you muont monster
fluffy punters muonting muonters!
by Nils November 30, 2003
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German word for liquor.

Has much alcohol in it!
Prost! Kipp den Schnaps auf Ex, du oller Schlucker!
by Nils April 29, 2004
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German word, which has two main meanings.

"Du siehst geil aus."-> "You look sexy."
"Das Auto ist geil."->"The car ist cool/hot."

Do not(!) use this word in a conversation, if these people your talk to are no close friends or relatives. Could be misunderstood.
"Geile Sache."
"Cool Stuff/Thing."
by Nils January 21, 2005
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adj: to be happy, to be high, most commonly used by jamaicans
"I be feeling kinda irie, mon"
by Nils March 1, 2003
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