1- A very pretty flower, coming in many different sizes and colours
2- The coloured part of your eye, where all can see deep into your soul
3- The Greek Goddess of Rainbows. She is said to have brought messages to Earth from Olympus.
4- A girl's name. Meaning "heavenly colours"
1- I just grew a bunch of irises in my garden! Don't they look lovely?
2- One eye had a blue iris, and the other had a green iris.
3- "That hippie is so colourful." "Must be a decendant of Iris."
4- Iris is a creative girl that you'll never forget. She's beautiful, and much, much more than meets the eye. (Than meets the iris...heheh...)
by xhelloimtheliex October 20, 2011
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oh thats me
no idea why people write such good things about the name iris

add my discord kawaii-chan#6530
no idea what to say-iris
by iris loves junko July 23, 2022
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An amazing girl who can Make the toughest men melt with her Beauty and attitude. She makes every one around her better just by knowing her. God's finest work by far! She is pure, divine and beautiful. She is a great person to be around, great for a laugh and her jokes just make my day. She us gorgeous in and out. She is awesome and very sweet like the honey dripping from a honey comb. She is sometimes annoying but even when she annoys you, she apologizes and makes sure you guys are cool again. She has this face that she shows when she regrets something which will make you forgive her even if you don't want to forgive her. And because of her personality she is very famous. My love for her is as plentiful as the butterflies fluttering in a forest on a hazy mid-summer's morn.

#your annoying guy😊
Who's this angelic girl?

The prettiest.


Her name is Iris
by #your annoying guy March 12, 2019
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A very beautiful girl who was sent from the heavens to come and pleasure all the men in this world. she is one who colors the world, and brings happiness to all, with a wild side.
"Wow...that Iris is pretty great, but a little spazmatic."

"Yeah...she colors my world.

"Dang...Iris sure looks hot today. I would so tap that."
by Spuncher June 14, 2008
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People with the name of Iris are usually very polite when you first get to meet them. As you start to get to know them, you become great friends. Sometimes, they can be bitchy and rude. They can also be very overdramatic, but they are very kind, loving people.
Its okay if she is mean, she's an Iris.
by rachel27 March 21, 2018
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An awesome funny hot sexy loyal cute most chill person on the planet. Iris is weird but thats how most mf vibe these days so thats lit. Iris is so hot when god was making her/him, he poured all the hot/seggsy potions in there bowl
Ty: yo do you know who iris is?
Nicholas: ya that hot chick in science
by fuckbitchesgetmoneyhaha April 2, 2021
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Jamaican term for everything is good, higher self, serenity
usally you would say everything is good, in jamaica you can say everything is irie
by Reeva Ann Proctor June 20, 2008
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