It stands for "INTentional feeding" and it is used in videogames (mainly League of Legends).

Most possibly started from the League of Legends banned toxic streamer tyler1 because of his ''INT list'' where he was writing down players who were playing bad, intentionally feed, intentionally ruin the game and so on.

Another case would be from his famous ''Running it down mid'' where he runs down the midlane (as the phrase says) and suicides, giving free kills to the enemy team after getting frustrated about a certain event/player in the match he is playing.
Player 1: '' Fuck you noobs '' - goes 1v5 and dies -
Player 2: '' Player 1 inting. gg izi. ''
by Gabesexual July 28, 2016
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An abbreviation of "intentionally feeding," a term used to describe a player repeatedly dying to the enemy team or player with the purpose of making the enemy team/player stronger or otherwise leaving them in an advantageous position.
Yasuo's died a lot this game, is he inting?
by ThexLoneWolf February 27, 2022
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Intentionnal. In League of legends (a MOBA), a play that show you intentionnally calculated not to help your team in a teamfight, suicided, etc.
Report him for int !
by Frais Derrick rise January 21, 2018
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When someone intentionally feeds in your League of Legends game. Often they enter the game with the intent to throw, or lose you the game.
I got inted in my league game bro.
My Lee Sin jungle inted so hard, he went 0-10-0
by AztekLoL October 8, 2019
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The definition of Inting: To intentionally put yourself or group of friends behind by doing something incredibly stupid or out of anger

Inting in referance to the statement "Intentionally feeding". The word comes from the popular video game "league of legends" where feeding is giving away your characters life to forward the enemy, thus putting you behind.

The word can apply to world outside of league of legends by using it to describe idiotic behaviour of peers when it seems almost too stupid to be an accident.
P1:"Why the fuck would _____ do that shit here"

P2:"hes inting dude"
by Hiimwuba April 16, 2018
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among being used to define an integer in programming languages, int is short for interesting, usually said while chatting to acknowledge that you've read what a person said, but dont really care.
"that movie was int."
by dankenstein December 19, 2004
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Person A: "Oh My God. I HAVE to make Dean's List this semester!!"

Person B: "Stop stressing so much, INTS."
by Rodjects February 17, 2009
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