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In Esports; especially in MOBAs, A teamfight is a battle where both teams fully commit. Items and powerful abilities are used to turn the tide of battle in one's favor a teamfight ends when one team is wiped or a key member of their team is dead E.g a Support or Carry.
The Teamfight between Na'vi and TSM was INSANE I can't believe that Dendi used his ult like that!
by Prof. Fdajax December 10, 2018
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a Leauge of Legends game mode that is for pussies. Is far more pussy than playing ranked flex.
Oh Steve is playing teamfight tactics? I expected nothing less he is a true bitch.
by tft-is-for-pussies August 22, 2020
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Mostly known as TFT it's a game mode in LoL, made by Riot Games, which does not require more than a single limb to play. Just click and move the hero and game plays for you. Completely RNG and brainless, teamfight tactics is perfect entertainment for people so dumb that they can't even play LoL.
"Teamfight tactics is so much fun" - said no person with above average IQ ever
by crackedbaiterjett August 24, 2022
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