A vast network of computerised filth, lovingly pumped into the desktops of 21st Century office employees, ensuring that no work ever gets done.
Have you seen my collection of Asian bukkake scat pr0n that I spent the day downloading from the interweb?
by TV Spunk January 30, 2003
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A mixture of slang terms... More recently made popular by an engineer names Leon during a conference call with a client. This is what sparked debate on knowledge and power with the alliance of what is now known as the Company
You can find it on the ugh... Interwebs
by Professor -=X=- November 10, 2010
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A parody of the word internet, mostly spoken by people who wish to appear 1337, only all too often they end up looking like n00bs.
Dude 1: Guys!!! I just h4x0r3d teh interweb!!!11one

Me: FACE!!

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It's a word used by people who are making fun of nerds, they like to imply that the person they are making fun of would use a term like "interweb" to sound like a geek. The irony is, the only people who are actually using the word are those who are making fun of the supposed nerd. In fact, even being aware of the word in the first place made them a nerd. People who use the word "interweb" in seriousness or a joke, need to jump off a cliff, and land in a pit with all the people who say "meh" "lolz" and "n00b." Incidentally, those people also need to get a life. Seacrest out.
Person with sense: Actually you're wrong on that. Black people don't eat fried chicken all day, and you're a fucking retard for thinking so.

Person who is actually being talked to: Nuh uh, my mom told me it was a certain way, also my brother told me, and he plays WoW like all the time, so he's very smart.

Person who was just listening in and nobody actually gave a retarded shit about what this person thought: Ooh, the interwebs are very serious business.
by thetruth. May 16, 2008
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