It's a word used by people who are making fun of nerds, they like to imply that the person they are making fun of would use a term like "interweb" to sound like a geek. The irony is, the only people who are actually using the word are those who are making fun of the supposed nerd. In fact, even being aware of the word in the first place made them a nerd. People who use the word "interweb" in seriousness or a joke, need to jump off a cliff, and land in a pit with all the people who say "meh" "lolz" and "n00b." Incidentally, those people also need to get a life. Seacrest out.
Person with sense: Actually you're wrong on that. Black people don't eat fried chicken all day, and you're a fucking retard for thinking so.

Person who is actually being talked to: Nuh uh, my mom told me it was a certain way, also my brother told me, and he plays WoW like all the time, so he's very smart.

Person who was just listening in and nobody actually gave a retarded shit about what this person thought: Ooh, the interwebs are very serious business.
by thetruth. May 16, 2008
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Started with a concept of local to local connections across the country, offering a new kind of "long distance" that is a service immune to distance which is there for the consumer.

*is used for massive, massive commercial purposes.

*used by major entities to save money by doing what they are doing now.

*not something you just dump something on.

*not a big truck.

*a series of tubes. However these tubes can be filled, thereby slowing down messages.
On the interweb, there is a service that allows you to subscribe for streaming that brings movies right to your mail box at home, although it takes over your private interweb.
by Dr. Phil Layshio November 10, 2009
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By definition the Interweb is a international web of telephone wire and network connections. When connected via a computer or other device, the user can obtain information from almost any part of the world and almost any information is available. Certain "Web-sites" allows users to submit information about anything which then allows any other user to access this information.
A) I wanna buy a used car -where should I look for it?
B) I suggest you search for it on the Interweb.
by Teit Andersen October 11, 2006
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A word that is used by Gracie Greer and is β€œher word” it is a combination of the words internet and website. It means internet but it’s so much cooler to say interweb.
β€œI got this idea off of the interweb”
by ice cream queen 1 January 02, 2018
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