Another way of saying "the Internet" while proceeding to make yourself look unintelligent.
by FBIsurveillance September 24, 2016
A sarcastic term for the internet. Often used in the context of parody regarding an inexperience, unskilled, or incoherent user.
Hay guys, I'm using teh interweb!!!
by mrmcd December 13, 2003
A mixture of both slang terms: The Interweb and the recent pluralization of the word Internet (Said by Bush during the 2004 debates).
The Interwebs is identical in meaning to the other terms.
"It got it from teh Interwebs"


"Plug it in, so we can get Interwebs"
by TremendousBeef March 22, 2005
One who engages and participates in web 2.0 services such as blogs, wiki’s, and social networking sites.
Interwebers Gary and Dan run personal blogs and are members of numerous social networking web sites.
by Chris Leone March 29, 2008
Having successfully completed a session of doing whatever you wanted on the internet.

Present tense is "interwebbing", the act of currently being online and fulfilling your online needs.

Derived from "interwebs", which may have came from "interweb", as well as "internets", which was obviously from "internet".
After having checked my email/myspace/rvb/facebook/news/<insert other regular online activity here>, I felt well-interwebbed as I quit <insert browser name here>.

I interwebbed for 3 hours today. It was fun.
by scubadiz July 19, 2008
The interconnected webworks of webworks.
The place you go when you click the big blue E on your screen. Sometimes, when your on there, naked pictures come up, or baloons telling you that you are a winner, other times you get a strange error, and your computer turns off.
Look mom I told you, just click the damn E..
"What E!?"
"oh that one....okay...something happened"
Did the window open up?
"Window? What window, the screen changed..."
Yes okay...good, now type in lets into the address bar.
"The wh..who..where?"
Good are SO not prepared for the interweb..
"I thought it was called the internet?"
Fuck you mom, fuck you.
by Zane411 January 4, 2006
"I just got kicked off of the interwebs" or "Can you reset the interwebs, Abbie?"
by Abbie Squeaks September 4, 2008