A individual that agrees to corporate enslavement that forfeit the right of any unqiue identifiers (e.g. names, interesting facts, anything that would put them in a good light). Interns have often been known to break expensive equipment by handling it inappropriately
Bob: Who said that?
Sue: The Intern

Bob: Who just broke this brand new laptop?
Sue: The Intern
The Intern: I have a name
Sue and Bob: Yes you do. The Intern
by #TRASHTAG September 15, 2014
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a person who willingly becomes a slave to the corporate world because they enjoy getting abused and whipped by supervisors.

interns do not get paid but they do enjoy the occasional snacks brought to work by the other rich employees. (usually interns steal those snacks, therefore get whipped).

also see "office puppy"
joe: "do you need a slave?"
company: "no, we have enough interns!"
joe: "ok, call me!"
by dontdothattwice May 17, 2009
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Slavery is outlawed by numerous international treaties and a Proclamation in the United States.
by sukebe September 19, 2004
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a noun referring to a person who is reduced to slave labor.

An intern works for no pay, and their main job is to get coffee and obey each demand by their employer.
"Melanie clean the floors you intern"

"Why are you so poor? Oh wait, I know because you're an intern"
by theintern91 August 8, 2009
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People who are hired to do menial monotonous work that you couldn't pay people people to do long term because they would quit or eat a .45 caliber. So they hire some naive college or high school grad to do it until they give up , quit, or eat a .45 caliber.
I got for an internship by a reputable bank expecting some kind of job training or apprenticeship but instead I ended up sorting mail for 8 weeks from 8 to 5 every day
by X9001 July 11, 2008
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A system that reduces the minimum wage to a suggestion rather than a requirement by law.
Let's make fire Susan and make her position available as an internship... That way we don't have to give them an hourly wage.
by suslex June 14, 2012
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