my old girl asked me to pick her up somthin at da store.
by LiL Neice April 07, 2003
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Can be a number of things. Mostly it's the new flavor of the week, they are called this til they graduate to "Baby Momma" or "The Wife." Often times, old girl is a called this because she is kept on the DL and/or your ashamed of her.
"I think old girl put something in my drink"

Reggie: Whatchu doin tonight?
Ab: Chillin out with old girl.
by Manny Diaz May 01, 2005
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the wife, especially if she's been married for many years.
My old girl and I are celebrating our big 25th together, and we've still got the hots for each other! ;-)
by mastergeemoe February 03, 2015
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maybe the scariest form of human you’ll encounter.
adult: why are you so fuckin depressed

13 year old girl: simply because i’m 13 and life sucks
by iheartdickbutimmafeminist March 08, 2018
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A girl who thinks she is old enough to do whatever she wants, sometimes going through the "scene" phases. She tries to fit in with older people usually. Most of the time this person looks older than 13 or tries to act older than 13, she usually dates people older than her. She tries to be adventurous and tries new and dangerous things.
David: "dude! that girl is sooo hot"
Friend: "she's a 13 year old girl.."
David: "omg, she looks so much older than that"
by Mo0dyMeadow June 16, 2015
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