Corporations that fudged numbers, rating agencies that reversed engineered credit ratings, and S. E. C. members watching porn all day (with quarter million salaries); that conspired to rip-off IRAs and the retirement savings of an entire generation (sheep) and redistributed it with the help of young/fast cyber scammers--and got away with the GNP for the next ten generations, funny, huh; oh well, just print more worthless dollars.
Institutionalized corruption pays better than the mafia, and much better than the drug cartels.
by Guido1 April 24, 2010
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Institutionalized Permissiveness is the advocating of policy, business practices or legislation that makes no sense and that allows for the lowest possible standard to be validated and thrive.
In California, homeless people have been legislated different rights than other citizens. Pissing on ATM's and shitting in pubic is allowed and police are legally bound to not do anything about it. The Institutionalized Permissiveness of our California State Legislator's have advocated for the homeless to devalue themselves by legalizing the lowest possible standard, absent of any decorum we hold to other civilians in our community.
The teacher was fired for using a red pen to correct his students' papers. Colleges, High schools, Middle schools and Elementary schools have "outlawed" red pens because it hurts childrens' feelings. This is an academic policy that is a perfect example of Institutionalized Permissiveness, an allowing of an idiotic policy to reign.
by Petra Pavlov September 04, 2019
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(verb): to scholarly define a word or concept in order to manipulate to your political advantage the ignorant masses.
boy: father, what is xenophobia? I found in internet chat room

father: I don't know, but it sounds like a scholarly term. Maybe we should try to institutionalize it and use it to manipulate the ignorant masses. What du think?

boy: I'll ask at the Political Science department of Mcgill University. Maybe they could help me there?

father: sounds like a plan to me.
by Sexydimma May 28, 2012
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a) (archaic): to forcibly or legally confine someone to 'an institution', often a mental health hospital, a prison or an orphanage

b) (more modern) (verb): to scholarly define- thus making it a part of our political, legal, judicial, social or cultural institutions- using a convoluted vocabulary, a simple word or concept in order to politically manipulate the masses.
boy: father, what is Communism?

father: it's a scholarly term. As far as scholarly terms are concerned anyone, even pseudo-intellectuals, can try to institutionalize, definition b), any term they want.
by Sexydimma May 27, 2015
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A)( archaic): to forcibly or legally place someone in an institution, notably a mental health hospital, a prison or orphanage

B) ( modern): to legally define, in convoluted terms,- and thus make part of scholarly society- very simple concepts solely to manipulate the ignorant masses.
If you want to institutionalize, definition b) any word, you need to work in the media first
by Sexydimma May 19, 2017
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