An illegal organization that controls production, wholesale and to a lesser extent distrubtes illegal drugs to street pushers. Biggest drug cartels by nationality in the US are Mexican followed by Colombians and Dominicans.

Colombians don't really push inside the US as of today. They have a liason with the Dominican groups, which their areas of operations are north eastern states and to a lesser degree the south, that whoesale and distriubte on the behalf of the Colombians. Mexicans are by far the largest out of the 3 main groups and have basically the rest of the US.

Worldwide, the Colombians are considered the largest.
Some drug cartels are sloppy others are organized.
by toohotglock January 11, 2007
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A movement among mostly drug dealers to establish independent drug cartels in the U.S.
He's in the American drug cartel movement.
by Judge dredd7 September 29, 2011
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What Donald Trump thinks Mexico with full of.
Trump: 'we need to build an wall; in which, Mexico will pay for it, to stop Drug Cartels and taco shells.
by EmJayee January 6, 2021
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