That annoying word that moderators at conferences always use. The status of maintaining quiet and abiding the rules. Pretty much means you should shut the fuck up.
When the delegates at the Model UN conference were sending innapropriate notes and talking, the moderator screamed "Decorum"
by The Ninja from Specpol February 14, 2011
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A long-forgotten art of language mastery that once graced the realms of the written and spoken word. It's all about showing respect to grammar by adhering to its rules and structures like a boss. When you possess grammatical decorum, you wield the power to impress, persuade, and avoid embarrassing language blunders.
- When Brenda saw her friend's atrocious grammar in a text message, she couldn't help but cringe. Armed with her red pen emoji, she swooped in to save the day, sprinkling grammatical decorum all over the conversation like fairy dust.

- Dude, that guy's got serious grammatical decorum skills. His emails are like symphonies of correctness, and I can't help but feel inferior when I read mine aloud.
by JONSTEINWAY July 29, 2023
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the one friend you CANNOT get 'down and dirty' with! who will make you stop your prattle when the subject gets too GRAPHIC! -you always remain slightly 'hurt' because you've just gotten to the 'good part'
...and then the puke spewed out of my mouth and into the fan...-STOP!!- thats' enough!, i've heard enough!! -sure!, you bet!, mr decorum

jeff is mr. decorum!, he made me stop just about the time i was describing the best part of the party!!

when i was describing the 'flume' of puke, mr. decorum couldn't handle it!

i had just puked, and was drunkenly looking at my crab nebula puke puddle when...-STOP!!- sure thing, mr.decorum!!
by michael foolsley December 6, 2011
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A group of elite spaceship pilots who enjoy circle jerking in pods and running away. Owners of the fabled "Rape Train"
Devious Decorum are a bunch of pussy bitches
by CapnT1223 November 10, 2010
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A set of guidelines that applies to those who which to be found within the Goldilocks Zone of Acceptable Asshold'em.

1. Consider whether or not your assholish response is inflicted on someone that deserves it.
2. Treat customer service people well, but not TOO well.
3. Do not be an asshole to your significant other.
4. Be clear to people that you are to spend a prolonged amount of time with that you are an asshole.
5. If around men, pretend that your asshole comment is just a joke. If around women, reserve all assholish behaviors to an absent mutual acquaintance.
6. When applying an assholish generalization of a specific group (see rule #5 for an example), be sure to create plausible deniability by saying “not all” followed by the targets of ridicule.
7. Select certain opinions of your opponent as amusing, but not worthy of an actual response.
8. Be interchangeably and inconsistently nice to people you are often an asshole too.
9. Don’t be an asshole to someone you see as beneath you in the social hierarchy, such as the homeless, children or developmentally challenged.
10. Do not be afraid to break rules #1-9 every now and again.
"It's great to be an asshole, but you don’t want to be a total asshole. There's a balance that must be struck. Assholes who are total assholes suffer too much backlash for their nature and are generally considered insufferable by all. Thus, you must learn to follow proper asshole decorum and fall under the Goldilocks Zone of Acceptable Asshold'em. You have accomplished this when people say things about you like 'he's funny, but he's an asshole', or 'I like Dave, but he's kind of an asshole.' That's the Goldilocks zone. You want people to compliment you, or express fondness for you, but then immediately feel the need to point out that you’re an asshole. So here are 10 rules to be a proper asshole with impeccable asshole decorum."
-- TJ "The Amazing Atheist" Kirk, "10 Rules Of Asshole Decorum"
by The Logical Fallacy February 27, 2019
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Something you say when you're insulted by memes and want to send a veiled threat of consequences for continued meming.
The memes about the lack of legs in the Metaverse are not funny. There must be consequences for breaking that decorum.
by public2 November 12, 2022
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