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The sudden suspension of attention to everything around you when an infant enters the room.
I was with my friend at dinner the other night when a young couple with a newborn came into the restaurant and sat near us. I was just about to touch on the true meaning of life when she went blue-screen on me and was staring at the gurgling, cooing infant. A typical case of infanity, it would seem.
by Bangboy June 19, 2010
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Damn....Mark hasn't gotten any strange for like 5 years. The only release he gets is doing the 5 knuckle shuffle on the piss pump. Poor f*cking bastard!
by Bangboy December 31, 2010
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the maxim that even the most docile, good-natured person, when provoked enough, will snap at you & go postal. Similar to a young child poking at a poodle-eventually the poodle will rear back, show it's teeth and sink it's jaws into the child's flesh in anger.
Poor little Timmy, may he rest in peace. He'd still be with us on this side of the dirt if his mom didn't stop paying attention to him while he was poking that poodle. Man, I've never seen that much blood & guts-his mom must be so sad. I've always said, "Timmy, don't poke the poodle"
by Bangboy December 29, 2010
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Someone who is hopelessly un-hip & out of date.
Phil: Hey Norm, I'm thinking of getting tickets for the Stevie Ray Vaughn concert for me & my 20 year old g/f.
Norm: Hey Dr. Yesterday, I think she'd rather go to to see Gwen Stefani. Plus, just so you know, Stevie Ray Vaughn's been dead for like 15 years, cockhead.
Phil: Oh...
by Bangboy February 6, 2010
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Slang for being shot.
Well, he does have 5 bullet holes in his body, so I'd guess the cause of death would've been high speed lead poisoning!
by Bangboy October 11, 2005
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Leroy nailed Kelly last night! When her dad finds out she did a black dude he'll freak!

Crow in the snow, dude...
by Bangboy May 13, 2009
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Buzzword for the economic collapse of post 9/11 America. Actually started in '01 but peaked around '06-'08 all the while while we were being told that we weren't even IN a recession (until late Nov. '08 when Bush was ousted, hmmm). Symptoms of GR include, but are not limited to, huge pay cuts, massive job losses, homelessness, foreclosures, and a rise in the crime rate.
Damn, remember how things were before the Great Recession when all we had to worry about was if Clinton was getting head in the Oval Office? Now we have to worry about the whole fucking world hating us & wanting us dead.
by Bangboy March 8, 2010
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