Someone who whines, cries and just generally makes excuses for everything.
stevensundin92 can't hack it in R6 Siege. What a baby back bitch!
by p1ngo August 31, 2018
Someone who is whining acting like a bitch or that is annoying you. a person that needs to suck it up and stop crying about stupid things.
John is a baby back bitch for not rematching justin
by justinintime March 17, 2008
someone who tries to present themselves as hard and not someone to fuck with but is really a pathetic poser who is a softy
look at tira acting like that, man what a baby back bitch
by the word of the south June 9, 2014
Mike's Cowboys lost on Thanksgiving and instead of being a man he acted like a baby back bitch!
by 8NTSHYT November 28, 2021
One who is from Jersey, served as an ELT on the USS Enterprise, loves the Giants, is a soulless ginger, and whines like a little girl.
That dude is such a baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back bitch.
by Rauschisabitch December 4, 2014
A pussy, tryin to be tough guy, low self-esteem, common names are junior or ozwaldo
"Junior is a baby back bitch"
by mikey chitwood July 21, 2015
a small bitch whos annoying as hell and has skuliosis
bri shut yo baby back bitch ass up fo i break yo back in place.
by keishaTheLlama November 8, 2018