Severely underrated MC from the Wu Tang Clan. Only topped by GZA in the clan when it comes to lyrical ability.
Yo - no time to freeze, undercovers ease up in Grand Prixs
and seize packages and pocket the currency
Clicks control strips full clips are sprayed
Yellow tape barricades sidewalks where bodies lay
Madness strikes at twelve o'clock midnight
Stick up kids on the ground broke the staircase light
And I stays harassed, scramblin for petty cash
Jakes on my ass young bucks is learnin fast
357's and 44's
Bought inside corner stores, their fire sparks the wars
Hospital floors surrounded by the law
Homicide questioning while the Jakes guard the door
My hood stay tense, loyalty puts strength in my team
Cause niggaz main concern is CREAM
Some niggaz in the jet black Gallant
Shot up the Chinese resteraunt, for this kid named Lamont
I thought he was dead but instead he missed a kid
and hit a twelve year old girl in the head and then fled
Tactical narcotic, task force, back off fast
Cause the crime boss is passin off cash
Extortions, for portions of streets, causes beef
Havin followers of Indians trying to play Chief
You witness the saga, casualties and drama
Life is a script, I'm not a actor but the author
of a modern day opera, where the main character
is presidential paper, the dominant, factor

~Inspectah Deck, Cold World (from Liquid Swords)
by El Barto May 13, 2004
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The fucking best ass rapper alive besides the amazing, Donna "Woody" Wood. This nigga has got the mad hacks on all the bitches like james "Rabbi Glass Masta Y8S" and Ronald "Gbusk" Grzybowski. Don't fuck with this nigga, he'll get Big Nig after you with his bitch ass laugh. He also gets more from Molly then JJLinn ever did.
"Yo Dogg, did you see Inspectah Deck light those two kids up who were making fun of Michael Carl!? He's the fucking man!"
"Father my children Inspectah Deck, you broke ass HONEY DIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!"
by Honey Dippppp March 12, 2007
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