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A multi-faceted person. A person to whom extreme opposites apply - rich & poor, smart & dumb at the same time. Based on the State of Maryland's diverse population. See Maryland Pronounced "Mary lander".
Kathy is a real marylander, a brain in math & science but cannot spell "dog" without a dictionary.
by Koppertox March 28, 2006
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1. The action of committing to a social gathering (dinner/drinks, cookout, movie, theatre, etc) with plenty of time to spare, only to cancel at the last minute.
2. A slightly ruder version of #1, although the person will simply pull a no show, and will not be reachable via phone or text when the event is taking place.
3. A more extreme version of #1 & #2, a Marylander will additionally reconfirm once or twice throughout the week and will show enthusiasm for the event, promise not to pull a "Marylander" again, yet still will

1. A person who, after moving to Maryland, loses the ability to follow through with social events and repeatedly pulls a Marylander.
ex1. John and Sue planned a nice gathering for Saturday. Nelson agreed to come on Monday, confirmed Thursday, and then pulled a Marylander on Saturday.
ex2. 'Example: Joe: "How was the cookout, did Nelson come?" Lorrie: "Nahh, that douchebag Marylander pulled a Marylander again. We need to move out of this state. "
by Nelson Gallagher April 12, 2014
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