An online computer game setup where all the players know each other, and/or the game is at least more organized than a public game, usu. made to avoid people who leave in the middle of the game and those who are immature and obnoxious
Serra, Cassiel, Windigo, and I are going to start an inhouse of TOB in channel CIAO.
by Dark Sage March 5, 2004
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A game on that is only accessable by people who know the exact "name" the game has.
Let's start an inhouse of ToB! gn(gamename)= ciaochan1
by Raven March 6, 2004
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softwear written in house costs less than going outhouse
yo dude check my inhouse software just point click & crash.
Cpu vectors to address zero halt! I'm #1 core hog !!!!

There are sooo many inhouse core hogs @ WSU even Mr. softie can't control them.
by itichie_nocanpo August 10, 2006
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A fucking shameful display of people who want to play hockey, but just fucking suck at it.
Most inhouse hockey players play JV hockey in their high school for all 4 years, unless one gets real good, real quick.
by FreshmanVarsityIceHockey August 10, 2009
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detained in a house.
The small boy who stole some apples from the garden was inhoused for one hour yesterday.
by uttam maharjan October 7, 2010
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