A term that describes a person holding extraordinary sex appeal and raw, untapped genius.
Omgosh look it's Serra! What a hawt beast.
by Definitely-not-Serra-I-promise. September 17, 2004
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n.; The planeswalker who created angels and whose plane was ultimately destroyed by Phyrexians. See Magic.
Serra could kick Urza's ass any day!
by Michael February 27, 2004
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This folk dance from the Pontic Greeks takes credit for being The Most Difficult Greek Dance In the World! Pontos is a region in the extreme northeastern part of Turkey, on the border with Adjaria in the Georgian Republic. Pontic dances are usually characterized by a very martial feeling and trembling movements in the hands, shoulders, and the upper part of the torso, and small, close-to-the-ground movements of the feet. The music for most Pontic Greek dances is usually played on a small, bottle-shaped fiddle called "lyra" or "kementze", or on a small bagpipe called "tulum", with or without "daouli" (hand drum) accompaniment. Most Pontic Greeks have settled in Greek Macedonia, due to oppression by Turks during the rule of the Ottoman Empire.
The dancers at the Greek American Folklore Society in New York are practicing Trygona and Serra.
by pentozali February 15, 2006
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Serra is a name of a girl, who is completely sweet, cute, loving, friendly and adorable.

Serra is also a stan girl, and giraffe lover.
Her name is Serra and she is adorable.
by Urban Berzerk June 19, 2017
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Really, a sweet sincere girl who has touched the lives of many and left her mark. Anyone who ever not only meets her, but gets to know her, will become inspired and forever be satisfied with life because they'll know that the world is capable of great things, like making people as special as Serra.
I met Serra and it changed my life.
by Hasan April 14, 2005
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The biggest fucking bitch on the face of the Earth, anyone who ever comes in contact with this slut should immediately do a 180, and walk straight into the nearest object they see, even if it's sharp or dangerous. DO NOT FUCK WITH THIS CUNT.
Holy shit, I just met Serra. I think I'm going to gouge my eyes out with cotton balls and send the bloody balls to Kenya; saying that they're meatballs.
by Hasan March 28, 2005
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