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"Good Night"
"Game Name" (on Battle Net channel, the name of costum game)
It's getting late, GN !
noob1: I will pown u!
noob2: lets see, i create game, GN:noobgame

by Maxim_DK October 16, 2004
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to goodnight, to sleep, to nap at 3 in the afternoon after school.
My friend Tim hates it when Matt GN's after school for three hours at a time, especially when he returns with a tiring hello.
by caineo April 26, 2012
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A way to tell someone your going to bed when you're to lazy and tired to say goodnight.
Person 1: Alright I gtg to work in the morning so gn.
Person 2: Ok, gn.
(Person 1 watches YouTube for an hour and then complains in morning that they "didn't sleep well")
(Person 2 actually goes to sleep)
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by KipDefinitions May 12, 2017
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Abbreviation for "Good night". Used in texting.

It is lazy, rude, and indifferent term, however. A good way to show people that you don't care enough about them to write them full words. A decent person who genuinely care about others would never use this abbreviation.
Friend A texting: I need to sleep now. Take care! :)
Friend B: Gn!
Friend A: Thanks.....
*Friend A Thinking* Oh the effort......
by Equanimity October 01, 2015
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An acronym for "graphic novel". A sort of expanded comic book but one that tells a complete story rather than a classic comic book in which the story does not have a traditional ending and may be told for years.
Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns and V for Vendetta are all considered milestone GNs.
by Tommyt March 11, 2009
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Someone who believes it's their duty to attempt to correct any grammar and/or spelling mistakes they observe. Usually found hanging around Irc chatrooms hounding "n00bs".
Well at least you can spell dyslexic correctly.
by CoQui June 07, 2012
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