noun- a sickness, that has recently been becoming more common, where a girl, or boy, is extreamely obsessed with Justin Bieber, and everything related to him. There is no cure found for this yet.
girl- "I don't know what's wrong with me. Lately, all I can think about is Justin Bieber. And every time i hear his name I want to do him even more..."

doctor- "you clearly have a serviere case of Bieber Fever..."
by kaylaxmarie18 April 13, 2010
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1. A female, or Homosexual Male, who is obsessed with Justin Bieber.

2. A Colloquial term for Dysentery.
John: Dude, I was Playing Organ trail today and died of Bieber Fever.

Jeff: How do you die of Bieber Fever?

John: People die from Dysentery all the time.
by NOPEMAN December 28, 2011
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A very deadly virus that have been diagnosed recently, it is claimed that when a person is infected with the virus (especially a teenage girl, excluding a full grown mature woman), their intelligence and thinking capability will immediately be dropped to 50 IQ or below. Some even rated to be 10 or below.
Infected 1: OMG, HIS SOO CUTE!!!

Infected 2: I KNOW, WOW!!!

Infected 1: <REPEAT>

Infected 2: <REPEAT>

An example of Bieber Fever, the infected is unable to think properly, except their love towards Justin, and is now mentally retarded.
by U MAD? July 16, 2012
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A particularly virulent strain of super AIDS discovered in the late 2000s. Etiologically speaking, it is thought to be transmitted by the vacuous, semen receptacle and proud walking advertisement for abortion that is Canada's own trainwreck, Justin Bieber. Symptoms include:

- In men, the loss of external genitalia, and displays of extreme faggotry are the first signs of the onset of this disease. This is accompanied by trying to dress like the tool (saggy pants that make it look like you just shit yourself anyone?), and using words like "Swag" like a retarded sheep.
- Hemorrhaging of the ears
- Explosive diarrhea
- Projectile vomiting
- Crysturbating in a dark room to Justin Bieber posters and blowup dolls that you shamelessly hide from your parents
- Atrophy of higher cortical structures in the brain. Global signs of dementia and profound mental regression are extremely common in later stages. Critical-thinking faculties are the first thing to go, followed by grammatical processing, spelling, and response inhibition. The loss of response inhibition manifests as Tourette's-like outbursts against anyone who has enough brains to dislike the turd, usually to this other person's amusement. Eventually, the patient's cognitive faculties are all but lost, rendering them zombies.

Other symptoms include everyone who hasn't caught it finding you insufferably obnoxious and wanting nothing to do with you anymore.
There is no known cure for Bieber Fever that results in the patient surviving. The only known way to cure Bieber Fever completely is with a bullet to the head.
by Dr. Snark, PhD December 1, 2013
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An extremely deadly STD or fever. Early forms started showing up in Stratford, Ontario Canada(mid 1993) after a woman by the name Patricia Lynn Mallette allegedly had sexual intercourse with a mentally retarded chimp and produced a high pitched, homosexual, mentally retarded son, known as Justin Bieber. Patricia is known worldwide for creating the disease and there had been many assassination attempts on her after numerous VHS tapes that had videos of her having sex with the chimp. The disease has notably started on March 1st, 1994 but it was a small concern after not many had symptoms. However on January 15th, 2007 a small spike of the disease had started in parts of the US and Canada. Between then and July 2011, over 500 million cases had been reported, all from girls between the ages of 3 and 100 and some rare cases from gay males, with parents becoming extremely terrified of their daughters actions and resorted to murdering them, locking them in a room or closet, throwing them out on the street, selling them or basically doing anything to get rid of the girl to prevent the spread of the disease. As of now, there are no cures. There is no hope for humanity. All we can do is blame that one Canadian woman and the child she produced with the chimp.
Parent - Oh my God, please help my pre-pubescent daughter! She has Bieber fever.
by 33y3yirp4 July 10, 2011
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Really horrible, god awful diarrhea. Named for the quality of Justin Bieber's music, which is equally painful.
"Oh man.. I was in the toilet ALL NIGHT, had some serious Bieber Fever. Never want to endure that again."
by UMJP September 20, 2011
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Bieber Fever is a deadly disease that is caused by the overjoy and love of Justin Bieber. The outbreak of Bieber Fever hit harder and spread faster than Swine Flu.

What usually happens, is that they get so charmed by his lesbian hair and hip music, they forget he actually controls them with his dark powers. He gets them drooling like Golden Retrievers, and then they pee their pants.

Bieber Fever can happen to anyone from ages 3 to 97, but typically happens to single moms, substitute teachers, and prepubescent girls.

Once they're infected, they are insane. The only way to cure Bieber Fever is chopping off the victim's head with a meat cleaver.
Feel my forehead. Do I feel hot to you? Oh man I hope it's not.... Bieber Fever.
by deathbyblowdryerxx June 29, 2010
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