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"IVS" is an acronym that stands for Indestructible Vagina Syndrome. This is the name given to a woman that can be kicked in the crotch and be unharmed.
"Ha! I just kicked your vagina!"

"I have IVS, therefore, I am unhurt."

"Oh, shi-"
by Mistress 9 November 16, 2008
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IVS stands for itchy vagina syndrome. Some days your just itchy down there, it could be a disease or because you just haven't shaved in a few days but whatever the reason you just can't stop touching your vagina.
Emily, stop touching your vagina, do you have crabs?

No, I just have IVS!
by EJM July 01, 2007
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Intertwined Vagina Sydrome- When a boyfriend and girlfriend spend so much time together that the guy grows a vagina and they become unseperable.
Good lord those two are connected at the hip. Nope they've just got IVS
by horsenutsmez February 28, 2012
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Acronymn for Irritable Vowel Syndrome. The excessive use of vowels when expressing amazement, anguish, fear, surprise etc.
Suffered mostly by latin language speakers, symptoms include extended uterrences along the lines of "Ay yi yi yaaaai", "Gooooooooooaaaaalll", "Aieeeeeee" etc. In the animal kingdom this affliction is most suffered by cows and is manfisted mostly by extended "moooooos".
The Argentinian football commentator football commentator met the relevant IVS requirements in order to qualify for his vocation
by General Scallywag October 10, 2014
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IVS stands for Individuals for a Voluntary Society. It is a nonprofit organization founded to further the ideals that human interaction should be consensual and voluntary.
I think that government is violence and that taxation is theft, so I will donate to the IVS.
by JustJ1lly February 09, 2017
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