23 definitions by Chet and Josh

1. somethin i no people have.
2. when u get mad for the dumbest reasons on the god damn earth.
3. when ur anger problems get out of control, ur life goes to hell, and so do u.
4. when u have anger problems, u might become a mofo, and be sent somewhere called, anger mangement.
1. Some of my friends have anger problems.
2. dude, u got anger problems, i just said hi and u got all up in my ass!
3. ur skrewed, u got anger problems.
4. "i sentence u to anger managment, dun dun dun." "but i dont have anger problems." "calm down sir."
by Chet and Josh November 6, 2004
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1. An unspoken language only the men can speak, takes years too learn, im lucky to have to learned it, and i sir, am the only one and a chosen few, and speak it.
2. One of those fucking hairy brown wookies off of star trek or something
1. Do you speak eyebrowian? "" """" "" " "" """"" "dakf", HAHAHAYHAHA holy shit, thats the funniest shit ive ever heard, dude you gotta go tell JOHN..."" """" "" " "" """"" "dakf", dude thats not what you told me...

2. aw man you told me their wasnt gonna be any fuckign eyebrowians in this mother fucking movie mother fucker!
by Chet and Josh September 21, 2006
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1. a word to describe that your fuckin cold
2. the pseudonym for freezing (i bet u didnt notice that the "r" is missing in the word feezing)
dude, its fuckin feezing in my house
by Chet and Josh November 3, 2004
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1. a dragon, in a mystical world, known as puff, puff the magic dragon :)
2. the magic dragon can be refered as a drug pipe, and u can puff the magic dragon.
3. wat josh wants to be for halloween
1. puff the magic dragon, flying over the seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE aw shut the fuck up
2. dude, pass the magic dragon yo, mother fucker taking all the puff
3. ha ha ha, josh, u look like puff the magic dragon
by Chet and Josh November 2, 2004
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1.when u have pieces of "junk" in the bak of ur car, also known as the trunk of ur car, or ur car can also be known as a gas powered veichle.
2. a thing u say to a fine or fat ass woman, unless ur gay.....david
1. "dude, u got so much shit in your trunk" "yea, i got alot of junk in the trunk dont i?"
2. damn girl, u got some junk in the trunk.
3. damn homeboy, u got some junk in the trunk
by Chet and Josh November 2, 2004
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the bad way of sayin peed off so if u wana b a nauty boy or girl then say it all u want!
a wise man onc sed, "its beter 2 b pissed off then pissed on!"
by Chet and Josh November 6, 2004
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1. som1 who likes 2 play board or video games alot
2. som1 who likes 2 make ther gf or bf look like n ass by playin them
1. im a playa, AT MONOPOLY! HAHAHA
2. bitch! u played me? u fuckin playa!
by Chet and Josh November 2, 2004
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