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1.a funny word.
2 a word to describe that "sexual" feeling u get when ur "turned on".
3. a word that rymes with corny
4. somthing that has a horn
1. ha ha ha, u said horny
2. self explanatory
3. horny, corny, forny, morny, dorny
4. unicorns are really horny
by Chet and Josh November 03, 2004

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1. a rock solid or slimy peice of matter u can leave in the toilet for kindergarteners to look at.
2. something u call anyone.
3. something little kids think is a very naughty word...
1. "Ew...Chris left a piece of poop that looks like a banana!" "Wats it taste like?" "hold on, let me check."
2. Ryan, ur such a piece of poop.
3. "Aw..poop"
by Chet and Josh November 01, 2004

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a saying u say when u agree wit someone, and i mean AGREE wit someone. here are situations u can use, hell yea bitch.
So do u want this car? Hell yea bitch
u like dat ass don’t ya? Hell yea bitch
Can u vote yet? Hell yea bitch
Do u like that girl? Hell yea bitch
"Do u like that boy?" "Wat da fucks ur problem?" "So u don’t?" "hell yea bitch"
Omg dude! U won the nobel peace prize!!! Hell yea bitch
do u want a side wit that? Hell yea bitch
Dude, that’s kick ass!!! dude! Hell yea bitch
So u don’t want a hose pump, u want a Cleveland steamer? Hell yea bitch
Eagles are going to beat the steelers ass! Hell yea bitch
u better stay the fuck away! Hell yea bitch
So josh, u like megan, actually, do u love megan? Hell yea bitch
Rap is better than punk! Hell yea bitch
Eminem sucks ass. Hell yea bitch
Do u really want to no? Hell yea bitch
Alrght, were goin for the gold. Hell yea bitch
that girls finer than anyone I have ever seen. Hell yea bitch
Its snowing! Hell yea bitch
Ur done reading these aren’t u? hell yea bitch!

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by Chet and Josh November 09, 2004

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the coolest south park charecter and he just plain out KIKS ASS
TIMMY! tim diddly tim tim tim! timmmmmay! TIMMY!
by Chet and Josh November 01, 2004

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the finger that is mostly used, here are some uses for it.
1. Picking ur nose
2. used to point at someone
3. used to POKE someone cough cough sam lol.
4. to wave a no no to someone.
5. to mention someone to come near u
6. to itch a body part on ur body
7. used to scratch ur head when ur thinking
8. this finger is the one people usually bite on or chew on
9. to instruct a person or people
1. ew ur picking ur nose!
2. aw, your in trouble!
3. ow...wtf? STOP POKING ME!
4. thats not a good thing to do, thats a no no
5. come here hot stuff...
6. u no, my nose really itchs
7. now, 1+1= hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
8. yum yum yum
by Chet and Josh November 02, 2004

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another word for pissed off, but in a kind nice way :)
1. im so peed off man its not even funny...
2. he looks peed off
by Chet and Josh November 05, 2004

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1. somethin i no people have.
2. when u get mad for the dumbest reasons on the god damn earth.
3. when ur anger problems get out of control, ur life goes to hell, and so do u.
4. when u have anger problems, u might become a mofo, and be sent somewhere called, anger mangement.
1. Some of my friends have anger problems.
2. dude, u got anger problems, i just said hi and u got all up in my ass!
3. ur skrewed, u got anger problems.
4. "i sentence u to anger managment, dun dun dun." "but i dont have anger problems." "calm down sir."
by Chet and Josh November 06, 2004

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