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1. a tingling feelin u get when u meet a guy or a girl, and u two just love being with each other. to find luv, is really hard, i think. luv is luck pretty much, and is like poker. Once u find a girl or guy, and u play ur cards right, the ones ur delt with, he or she will be yours forever. now in poker, theres a thing called bluff too, and that can happen in your luv life too. when u meet someone, they might be bluffin for anything u have. money or fame. u gotta be careful. Luv is also like a bomb. U skrew with it, its going to blow up right infront of u.
2. luv is hard to find. for some reason, my partner josh, has already got the luv of his life. Me, i got nothin. its hard, deffinently, but if u play ur cards right, ull get wat u want. and sometimes, u can just give up, and be single the rest of ur fuckin life.
josh luvs megan
megan luvs josh
josh luvs megan more
megan luvs josh morer
by Chet and Josh November 4, 2004
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1.a funny word.
2 a word to describe that "sexual" feeling u get when ur "turned on".
3. a word that rymes with corny
4. somthing that has a horn
1. ha ha ha, u said horny
2. self explanatory
3. horny, corny, forny, morny, dorny
4. unicorns are really horny
by Chet and Josh November 3, 2004
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1. The ugliest, nastiest, most retarded thing known to man....
2. something u regret seeing
3. a verb used to define definition #1.
4. a thing or it who aint just right mentally....or phyisically
1. omg! ryan looks like a sasha!
2. plz tell me its halloween, plz tell me its halloween!
3. sasha doesnt even have to sasha anything to look like a sasha, she already does!
4. "man, i got another F." "ha ha ha, ur a sasha!"
5. "ew....that could really pass for a sasha, no doubt about it."
by Chet and Josh November 2, 2004
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a saying u say when u agree wit someone, and i mean AGREE wit someone. here are situations u can use, hell yea bitch.
So do u want this car? Hell yea bitch
u like dat ass don’t ya? Hell yea bitch
Can u vote yet? Hell yea bitch
Do u like that girl? Hell yea bitch
"Do u like that boy?" "Wat da fucks ur problem?" "So u don’t?" "hell yea bitch"
Omg dude! U won the nobel peace prize!!! Hell yea bitch
do u want a side wit that? Hell yea bitch
Dude, that’s kick ass!!! dude! Hell yea bitch
So u don’t want a hose pump, u want a Cleveland steamer? Hell yea bitch
Eagles are going to beat the steelers ass! Hell yea bitch
u better stay the fuck away! Hell yea bitch
So josh, u like megan, actually, do u love megan? Hell yea bitch
Rap is better than punk! Hell yea bitch
Eminem sucks ass. Hell yea bitch
Do u really want to no? Hell yea bitch
Alrght, were goin for the gold. Hell yea bitch
that girls finer than anyone I have ever seen. Hell yea bitch
Its snowing! Hell yea bitch
Ur done reading these aren’t u? hell yea bitch!

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by Chet and Josh November 9, 2004
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1. som1 who likes 2 play board or video games alot
2. som1 who likes 2 make ther gf or bf look like n ass by playin them
1. im a playa, AT MONOPOLY! HAHAHA
2. bitch! u played me? u fuckin playa!
by Chet and Josh November 2, 2004
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1.the guy that wanted to divorce minnie mouse for cheating on him.
2. a cool mouse.
1. judge-"im sorry but u cant divorce minnie mouse because shes crazy."
micky-"i didnt say she way crazy, i said she was fucking goofy."
2. micky mouse can be cool, most the time gay, but cool.
by Chet and Josh November 6, 2004
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a "homeboy" or "dawg" that is related to u from another mother, or is used as a "cool" term just used because people want to use it.
Wat up my brudda from a nudda mudda.

"Son, he is ur brother, from another mother."

peace and later my brudda from a nudda mudda
by Chet and Josh November 1, 2004
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