Fingering up is preformed when a male /female preforms a bodily function. It requires that you lift your finger up while preforming a bodily function.
Don't forget to finger up when you burp!
by Intel Xeon January 14, 2009
means you are extremely obsessed with the person
2 fingers up
by shjdhshsjs June 23, 2022
Means you are an absolute pussy magnet who fucks unlimited bitches
Nick is holding three fingers up, he must get so many bitches
by nick27qq April 17, 2022
Jeez he has 4 fingers up he must be madly In love with his girl
by he<3yougurl May 24, 2022
3 fingers up means ur crazy in love with somebody
Some dude just came up to me and put 3 fingers up, what the hell does that mean??”

“It means he loves you”

by TA7RYNN April 7, 2022