Fingering up is preformed when a male /female preforms a bodily function. It requires that you lift your finger up while preforming a bodily function.
Don't forget to finger up when you burp!
by Intel Xeon January 13, 2009
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popular from Gloustershire in England where a women/ girl is proceded to be fingered by an older man. popularly used in the film Hot Fuzz where Danny states that miss Draper is fingered up the duckpond.

Also can be used to state to be anally probed by again an older man.
Danny: I also believe that she favours the older men
Angel: How so?
Danny: Marcus Carters older brother said she had been fingered up the duckpond
by wertytrew April 16, 2011
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A descriptive sentence describing something really gay or weird, like a fucked up fetish.
Weird Gay Guy: Wanna come to a sausage fest at my place? We'll be in my basement, my mom will bring us pizza.

Other Guy: Hell no! That sounds Finger-Up-the-Butt to me!
by pain77888g March 06, 2016
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Illuminati Symbol for Tribe. Coming together of Illuminati members.
That girl was holding three fingers up at that political event to ascertain the fact that we are watching them.
by JM123452 November 19, 2014
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putting 4 fingers up in a picture is a way to secretly say your a homosexual and not ready to come out the closet yet.
“hey did you see where gabe posted a picture with 4 fingers up??”

“oh yeah he must be scared to come out.”
by August 22, 2021
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When someone types Shut your fingers up in an online conversation they want you to stop typing because the conversation is turning awkward or uncomfortable and they want you to change the subject.
- Girl, I wanna see you moving your ass.

- What? "Shut your fingers up!"
by WilVzla November 08, 2011
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to say deuces (goodbye) to someone and then flick then off (fuck you). Usually used when someone pisses you off or you don't want to talk to them anymore. (Yes it means you put two fingers up and then leave the middle one up.)
"why are you acting like a little bitch...that's why no one can stand you!"

"Man, two fingers up, one down"
by U.s.A. August 27, 2009
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