4 definitions by ApologyAcceptedCaptainNeeda

Taking a selfie on a smart phone you stole.
My phone got stolen but I got it back from the cops because the rocket-surgeon thief did some selfie-incrimination.
by ApologyAcceptedCaptainNeeda February 8, 2015
To cause wear and tear relatable to the actions and habits of boys.
"Though we have freshly-painted walls, I'm certain that our sons will eventually boyize them with scratches, stains, and dents.
by ApologyAcceptedCaptainNeeda August 29, 2015
A noun representing something a person finds phenomenally exciting, joyful, or amazing. The expressed joy upon witnessing a double rainbow may be misinterpreted as an acid trip, orgasm, or loss of bowel control.
"Did you catch Neil Patrick Harris in Dr. Horrible?"
"Dude... *fart* *gurgle* ... NPH is... he's just... *drops to knees* *cries*... He's just my all time... *vomit* ...Dub... dub... *fart* *high-pitched how*
(Note: In the throws of a double rainbow sighting or mention, a person may lose the verbal capability to pronounce the term "Double Rainbow.")
The knee-jerk inclination to answer a question via a Google search rather than recalling an answer naturally.
Trivia just isn't fun anymore! G-flex kicks in and people just don't think it out!